Friday, August 3, 2012


This is not what I'd usually post but I'm just gonna write a long rant.
So I went for the interview on thursday. I thought everything turned out well and I was quite confident about it. And then this morning when I was sleeping my phone rang and I saw the screen showing "private number" and I went all
picked up the phone and be like
I was so excited when the guy said he's calling from the organisation 
and when he said the word "unfortunately"

And apparently their main reason of not recruiting me as a volunteer is because" we are worried language might be a problem"

Then he said "actually you did very good and your personality really suits the job" and blablablabla
while i was experiencing all these emotions inside:

I MEAN COME ON!LANGUAGE?is it because in the application at the first language bar I ticked not english? oh well my english sucks then

This may be a temporary downfall but I will rise above that. I will not let myself down and I understand strong people are strong, weak people are weak. Of this 3 years studying in australia, I've had enough of the moments I wish I was very different from what i am. I've had enough of moments when people think i'm a chinese they give me the eye. I am full chinese ethnically though not nationally and I refuse to be looked down at. I will make sure I improve my english and not let language be an obstacle. Learning from Scarlett O'Hara , I say I'll never be weak again. As God is my witness, I will live through this. If I have to do whatever it takes for me to succeed I will do it. As God is my witness, I'll never be weak again. 


  1. Seriously!! WTF!! If you are willing to DONATE your time they should be grateful and not knock anyone back!!! Screw them!, something better will come along!!

  2. =O this is shocking as its a volunteer job?! Dont let it get to you people can be so horribly judgemental, from the way you write your blog posts i know your vocabulary is good, and i know the language barrier is hard for internationals some can not be bothered learning english at all and just speak in their own language (it annoys me) whereas there are some who try really hard to overcome the language barrier and i think thats what makes these students stand out!