Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm ashamed to write this post. Yesterday after submitting my essay, I went to rundle mall again. What am I to do when I have to pass through it get to my bus stop. Bad girl '-'.
I went into cotton on to buy some shirts for my brother as his birthday present. Got him 2 v neck tees. Well and I stupidly walked to the sale section and I came back with two extra items. Fail ╥﹏╥.
long sleeve star print chiffon shirt $15
 Wish they had this top in an xs, but it's a chiffon top so it'll be fine.
cacun blouse $15
love the adorable peter pan collar
Oh and yesterday I managed to carry a 6 kilo massive box for more than 1 km from the post office to my house. A guy at the post office asked me if I had a car and if I'll be alright. I said I'll manage and I did, call me hercules
(`へ´*)ノ!!! I admit my arms felt like jelly when I arrived home xD.No I did not end up as a hard labour, I just ordered some things from typo. I got storage boxes and bookends and some things my friends wanted. 

proof xD
this adorable babushka bookend is only $5, each set has 2 of it.
ordered 3 :3


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dreaded weekend

During the dreaded weekend, I spent two days completing a major philosphy essay. Philosophy is not my forte and I didn't bother to make any preparation until two days before the due date, bravo me (sarcasm). What is an assignment without procrastination eh? I did my nails and took random pictures in between writing the essay. Hallelujah I'm not a humanities major, their subjects are definitely not my cup of tea. I admit writing this post while I'm still far behind the essay length requirement.
sportsgirl nailpolish "lace"
sportsgirl nailpolish: fruit salad
my trusty coach

volunteering at this event next saturday
Words. Amen.
favourite song of the week: Foxes - "Youth"


Thursday, April 19, 2012


OMG!!!!!!! I have just given up on the zara skirt few days ago.And today when one of my best friends in malaysia webcammed with me, she pulled out the skirt and I was sooooooo surprised and just went squuuueeeeeee. This was totally unexpected. At first she didn't want me to pay her but after I forced her to cough out her bank account details, I transferred the money to her immediately. LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

last purchase of year 2012

Went to zara today. Tried on the pastel cardigans, they look a bit weird on me. The colours were nice but the fitting does no suit my body. Anyway ended up getting a red jacket. I prefer wearing it with the zip open. I've bought everything I need and I don't need anything new for a very long time. I've gone way over my budget this year. Eep. This will officially be my last clothing purchase of year 2012 until I go back to Malaysia in late November. But I still have packages to look forward to, so not too bad.

This is what I wore today.
dress:cotton on/ belt:open closet/ light blazer: dotti


Monday, April 16, 2012

bla bla bla

I was suppose to go to zara today but I woke up at 1530 and the shops close at 1700 =_=. So my cardigan hunting plan is ruined.

This was unexpected but I just ordered two shirts from Romwe to match with the leather skirt I ordered from Artfitshop.
Anyway these are what I got:

Paillette Lapel Apricot Chiffon Shirt $30.99

Retro Contrast Dots Apricot Shirt $25.99
link to item

This is my first time buying from them so I got a 20% discount for signing up with them. You will receive an email with the discount code after you sign up. And these two shirts are selling out really fast so make sure you get them right away if you heart them. I've looked at other websites for the sequin collar shirt and so far romwe has the lowest pricing.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

final verdict

My skirt crisis is solved. I have now come to accept the fact that I can't get the zara skirt. I was going to order the faux leather skirt from storets but what do you know, I ended up discovering another korean online store, artfitshop that sells the same thing at a cheaper price.Artfitshop is quite an impressive store, now if only I have more money.

The one from storets is $65 while the one from artfitshop is $49(not bad, not bad at all).

Last week, I bought purple dress from asos which I will wear on my sister's wedding day. Her favourite colour is purple so all of us bridesmaids will be human brinjals :D! I sent her a few links and in the end she chose this dress. The dress is $60 and is from a label named Aqua which I've never heard before.

After surfing hundreds of pages online, I've decided to really go to zara and buy a pastel coloured cardigan. Seeing shops like cotton on or valley girl don't exactly sell them at a cheap price so might as well go to a place with more choices. I wanted to see if I can avoid spending money on cardigans but after looking at my  wardrobe the money will be spent. I'm a bit disappointed with the faux leather skirt I bought from dotti around 2 months ago. It's a  little bit too big and when I'm walking I have to keep adjusting it or else it will form into a bad shape. I bought it because my friend sorta encouraged me to, I guess that's one of the cons of shopping with a friend. I normally wouldn't buy something if it doesn't look THAT good. Further more, it was full price, my wallet says ouch.

Can't wait for the vjstyle bags to arrive.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

skirt crisis

It's so ironic while people in some parts of the world are worrying how to get enough food while I'm sitting here worrying about skirts =_____=.
I have a problem of deciding whether to get a pleated fake leather skirt that I can definitely get right now (which seems to be running out of stock very fast everywhere :S ) or saving the money for the zara scarf print skirt that I have been lusting for a long time but have no idea if I can get them because Australia's zara is so slow =____=.

My options:
#Option 1
Beige pleated pu skirt from Olive

#Option 2
Black pleated fake leather skirt from either Olive or Storets.

#Option 3
Forget option 1 and 2 ever existed and gamble on if I would ever get to touch this zara scarf print skirt. My friend is offering to look for it in melbourne's zara but I have little confidence she will find it since judging on the comments online, the zara stores in australia overall have mostly stocks from last seasons.                    Oh the agony  :(.

Why am I thinking of so many ways to spend money even though I'm not even working wth. Oh good news, my philosophy professor emailed everyone saying he'll extend the essay's due date for another week. Joy :D!!! Bad news, I only got freakin 6 out of 10 for my psychology assignment because of some stupid mistakes! NO!!!!!
Missy Y U NO score higher in your psychology assignments when you know you'll be dead meat if you don't get into honours degree next time.
I'll just have to make sure I score the highest mark possible for the future assignments and tests and reports and whatever may come bitches.

After I successfully lose all the unwanted flabs I'll start posting outfit pictures. Oh weight, oh academic results, please get better. *me sobs
Bad results and flabby body please get away from me. I go to karate and taekwondo classes regularly I also eat healthily so please let me be thin this year. 

And I've decided to get a new cardigan. Currently I only have a dark grey cardigan. I plan to get one or two pastel coloured ones from zara on monday after handing in my assignments.
I plan to get something like what Nicole of Gary Pepper is wearing. 
image courtesy of Garry Pepper from this link


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loveliest discover ever!

I just discovered fashionhippieloves . Not only are her posts amazing, I am also forever grateful for her for showing where she bought her bags. Hence I get to know this wonderful website vjstyle. Fingers crossed I will probably order this two bags or maybe just one if I'm a good girl.
1)  "Smiling face bag"
      This one is just like the Celine luggage tote.Seeing fashionhippieloves rock the all black version makes        
      me go weak at the knees. I am very in love with the black and white version.

link to item

2)“Rivet clamp bag"

   At first I was contented to just order the "smiling face bag". But seeing this made me hesitate for another   
   moment. My friend commented this bag looks like a drug lord's. From now on I'll call this bag druglord.  
   Oh dear I guess I just made a decision of keeping this bag. My friend told me to just get just this one but
   I'm too ashamed to tell her I've just decided to get them both oh my oh my.

link to item

I am so happy this two bags come in a school friendly size, and moreover the price! It's ridiculous sometimes how things in Australia get overpriced. Thank you good ol internet, you make millions of things possible! If there is anyone reading this who needs a bag that is affordable while still has quality, you definitely have to check out vjstyle! This is a must I tell you, they have an amazing range of clothes and shoes as well! It's safe to say this is the best online shopping site I've ever discovered even though I just came across it today.

Oh and holiday is also ending soon, have to make sure I work ultra hard. This is time to get serious! No joke!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why zara adelaide? Why???? You still store items from months ago and only a tiny amount of new stock. Why? And your data base doesn't tell you when the new stock will arrive.After seeing andyheart wear that skirt, my heart aches even more. It's safe to say I'm obsessed with this skirt I've never met before, kinda like my celebrity obsession(*David Bowie, Tokio Hotel, Kawase Tomoko) =='''. If the skirt is still not in zara adelaide by my birthday in june I'll just ask my sister in america to order for me, but then i'll have to wait untill december to touch it. I've never been so obsessed with a garment.
Oh, and the metal belt I ordered from opencloset arrived today! I ordered it on monday which was a public holiday and it  arrived promptly!
I think I'll wear it with the dotti polka dot dress tomorrow. I invited few of my friends over for a lunch party.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

wish list

zara scarf print skirt
Was trying to find this when I went to zara last week, unsuccessful :(.

Just bought a metal belt from open closet

Also saw a similar one in sportsgirl but I'm glad I didn't buy it since this open closet one is in a cream colour and 10 dollars cheaper .



Hello April! And hello the second and final week of mid semester break. First week of holiday was fun but the assignments and revision plans are untouched, oh well :(.

Went to burnside village with my friend on wednesday and got into tralala zara :D. I decided to get this at the last minute when I saw it on a mannequin before walking out. The sales assistant was super nice, she helped to look for my size in the storeroom and when there wasn't any she took this one off the mannequin. I love helpful sales assistants.
black v neck dress
Went to the city on saturday for v neck tees hunting. I did my research before going shopping. It's kinda silly how a lot of stores only sell fitting tees. In the end I got two v neck tees from sportsgirl: one in white and one in grey. Then went into temt. At first I didn't want to get anything but then I saw this pair of white shorts and it fitted really well on me. So, $9.95+good fit+good colour+comfy, and I thought why not? I also got two pocketed v neck tees from dotti: one in green and one in army green/ greyish brown.
the stash
French connection have such great bargains during their sale periods. Last month my friend asked me to help her get a blazer. I found this pinstripe blazer and showed her and she gave me her approval so I went to order it, and oh my weak heart I also ordered one for myself. It was 29.95 dollars down from 129.95 dollars (!!!), they also have an extra 20% off sale stock and free shipping so it came down to 23.95 dollars. The best bargain I've got!
french connection posh pinstripe blazer
This was by far my most practical shopping trip because I know sometimes I buy things I wouldn't wear. It was definitely not the case this time. All the things I got are pretty much suitable for many occasions and I'm a happy shopper. Gotta get on to doing my assignments and revisions and clean up my room for july's move.Funny how I mentioned in an older post stating that I won't shop until my birthday, but I already bought so many things after that post.