Thursday, August 30, 2012

clothing crush

I'm having a crush on this motel jeans. I have a weakness for porcelain inspired prints.

And I shopped on asos and went to dotti and bought 2 light jackets for spring, so much for controlling my spending eh? ======___________________________======
I blame my friend for making me go on asos. People were probably hating on us since we were practically scrolling in the deep in the university's library when they need it for studying and bla. I said this to my friend and she said "screw them!". But this motel jeans was so worth it.... I mean come on 20 bucks! The colours are a bit outrageous but I have an urge to dress outrageously these days I don't know why.
and er ehehehehehe(hiddleston style laugh), I also bought these things :P :P :P
lazy oaf eyeball tee
lazy oaf pineapple tee
asos penguin print shorts
penguin print shirt
And I bought this 2 bomber jackets for spring from dotti.....................such a horrible person

I'll be ultra busy this few weeks, all the reports smashing in, oh well I have a ball to look forward to in october anyway :) !and it's a masquerade ball! an excuse to buy a pretty dress in september

Oh and I just checked black milk's facebook page, why black milk why are you so awesome omg omgomogmgomgomg!!!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with black milk leggings. Why would I even hate them? Because my legs are fat and when I wear them it's even more obvious, oh well do more exercises :D!

For repentance, I will sell more stuff on ebay during my break I suppose.



  1. Love all of your new buys - so cute.


  2. oh yes I love the pants versions too! I wore the dress version out just yesterday and I was feeling a bit self-conscious because it was so short and maybe a bit too sexy. the jeans however are super funky! :)
    love all the other new buys as well :)

    1. sexy is good ;)
      you look good in anything actually
      i am seriously considering to buy the jeans :P

  3. Im also in a love/hate relationship with BM! Hate because my legs look even thinner in leggings. And all i want is slightly fatter legs so i dont look anorexic or something. *CRIES* I used the 25% off on asos recently haha bought a tshirt to wear with my BM leggings something to cover my bum and front! I love pic of the BM leggings and that belt from sportsgirl!
    Not buying BM for awhile. Just as long as the items are not limited i feel content that i can wait and they will still be available!

    1. you don't look anorexic at all! you look fabulous :D!
      and er for the bm new release i got spiders and legbones 3.0 just because it's limited :X (bad gir). I'm probably gonna sell off 1 or 2 leggings since i don't wear them often enough for the price to be justified.