Monday, January 30, 2012

holy stylophone

After watching Bowie perform "slip away" on jonathan ross show in year 2002 on youtube, the musician in me is craving for a stylophone. After watching Bowie performances, I always have the urge to perform or write songs. I checked the websites and a stylophone would cost me around 33 dollars including postage which I think is quite reasonable. So stylophone, please be mine. I'll only order it after february though.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year splurge

Today's the third day of chinese new year, my parents gave me the red packet and told me to use the money well, they didn't know I was gonna spend them all on clothes though :x . Went to rundle mall again.
Today my motto was
Things I bought:
So I got this isadora star tank again cause I was stupid enough not to test the shirt and then cut off the tags and strings before finding out the cutting of this shirt is much smaller than what I expected. Luckily this tank is $9.95. If it was full priced I would have to smack myself.
Just couldn't take my mind off this matilda spot shift dress, plus dotti is also having a 30% off full priced items, so :D. I got this in a size 10 instead of my usual size 8 since I like a looser fit of the dress and the shop assistant also mentioned about the cutting of the top being tighter. There was only one size 10 left and I checked the dress's seams very closely before getting it. I HATE it when I discover a bumped seam or a pulled thread on my clothes. I can say this is my favourite purchase from dotti ever! I've been wanting a nice black dress with long sleeves and a collar for a really long time.
Also got this adorable holiday bow belt. This belt is full priced so it also had a 30% off.
I intended to get the boo gathered blazer instead of this lulu blazer but it won me over since the boo gathered  blazer is semi see through. When I put it on, the colour reminded me of Blair Waldorf's old outfit, it's also on sale for $19.95 down from $89.95, great bargain.

This time I reminded myself to buy things for quality over quantity, so I stopped my old habit of barging in valleygirl and got into dotti instead since dotti's clothes have better designs and better quality. Today the shop assistant is really nice, the other one in the shop who I can tell is a senior always gives me a bad vibe everytime I see her though, weird me.Dotti is officially my favourite shop.This shopping trip is super satisfying, I have to say this again, can't wait for uni. One thing I'm really sure about, I spent too much money on clothes and now I should really take a rest on shopping. Until my birthday of course :).

couldn't take my mind off the dotti matilda dress '-'. LUCKILY I didn't buy the dress today! Dotti is going to have a 30% off all full priced items from tomorrow until saturday. I guess I'll go and get the dress tomorrow :P


Monday, January 23, 2012

dotti & cotton on

Today I went to the mall,went into dotti and tried the black dress I mentioned in the last post. I really wanted to buy the dress since there's only one of my size left but I discovered the seam was abit faulty and it's not worth paying full price for a slightly faulty dress so I got some discounted items instead.They are:
isadora star tank
acapulco v neck tank
black pool skater skirt

All the items are $9.95 each, such a good bargain! I've been eyeing the skirt for months but I can't figure out why I didn't buy it earlier. But luckily I waited until today to buy it cause right now it's at it's lowest price ;). After dotti, I went to cotton on and bought a dress for $10. I already got the same dress in black and white. I like it a lot so I decided to get the dress in this colour too :).
chevron shift dress

Right now the majority of my clothes are neutral colours. I'm still in love with black and white :). And today's shopping trip was a real retail therapy too! Usually when I'm stressed my period would delay for months. After today's retail therapy, I instantly got my period and right now I'm so happy (such a weird reason to be happy about xD). I can't wait to go back to uni again!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012


Bought this gorgeous dress from portmans! I'm planning to wear this on my sister's wedding dinner number 2 :). Advantage of shopping with mum: I don't have to pull my hair when buying something above 50 dollars xD.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wasn't really suppose to buy anything but what could I do when I see this necklace in lovisa? And it's only 5 dollars down from 16.99 dollars :O !!! It says on the tag the necklace's name is faith drops bottle necklace. I tried to convince myself not to buy it but once I put it on I just couldn't leave without it. I'm a sucker for vintage-ish accessories xD. By the way I also got this month's Vogue. When I first flipped through it, I was quite displeased about how thin this issue is, but after the second read I am quite impressed at the editorials and articles. I love the fact that the creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini mentioned David Bowie as her idol during her interview with Vogue. David Bowie is my favourite singer I almost got a heart attack when I saw his name being mentioned. The interviewer also mentioned being reminded of what Giannini once said about David Bowie "It's those continuous reinventions that give you the energy to keep evolving and being creative with your own style". My favourite sentence of the whole article :). I also got a copy of Harper's Bazaar.