Saturday, September 28, 2013


Went to high tea at hilton today. While it's nice it doesn't have a WOW effect though (spoilt). I was wearing all black, head to toe even my shoes and bag were black, typical. While my friends were snapping pictures I was staring at the food and kept sipping my coffee, that's what 6 hours of sleep in 3 days does to me lol. Why am I sleeping so little? Because I'm trying to finish some overdue work and turns out september just isn't my month. From last tuesday I had a really bad backpain that feels like the ones I get during pms time but 10000 times worse. Sitting in front of the computer for more than 30 minutes will make me go to bed that's how bad it was. I thought well maybe a good night's sleep will do. But noooo, it continued for 2 days until the third day I finally went to see the doctor. And applied extension for one of my reports. Just when I thought everything will be ok, the meds the doctor gave me didn't work at all. Went to see another doctor and she gave me the right pills. Then next day, wtffffff acid reflux, and those that make you feel like you're dying and when you lay down it's even worse. So yea there goes my extension and my report is so overdue, then bamm after i got back to the doctor and had a few tests, fever =-=. And now I'm finally ok thank god, health is really a priority.


Monday, September 16, 2013

september so far

September has been erm interesting. I was stucked in the limbo of playing too much candy crush, line play, poko pang and line touch (sigh~). But still I managed to stay on schedule :D (for now at least). It was a little bit unfortunate this month, dropping my phone into the toilet bowl because i forgot to close the lid when placing my phone on top of the toilet bowl as i was too impatient therefore i was showering while answering a call (multitasking major fail). And here I am phone-less for weeks, but i'm pretty lucky owning an ipad = i still get to play my games and use all the chat apps :D. Though being phone-less made my journeys on the public transport interesting again. Instead of scrolling through the deep while waiting and on the bus, i actually used the time to read books. Now i usually finish a book in 3 days during the time i spent waiting and travelling, now that's productivity :D. But the fee is cray cray :( and since it's liquid damage it's not covered by warranty T^T. And if that didn't break my bank, i broke my glasses the other day =_=. Wtf this never happened to me before, and now breaking so many things in just one month my my my. But I can still tolerate using the damaged glasses as I'm too cheap to buy a new pair oink oink.
I'm not sick of glitter nails yet as you can see
Wearing le handicapped glasses oh dear :( I have to wear a hairband to make sure it doesn't fall  off (my nose is too flat >-<). And yes I'm pretty much eyebrow-less, thank goodness for eyebrow pens.

On the bright side, I went to the royal adelaide show the past weekend. Wore the faux leather pants I got earlier this year. Have to get back to exercising and blogilates again, have been slacking for 2 months already eep.
sweater: jcrew/ faux leather pants: sportsgirl/ boots: random boutique in glenelg
As my parents didn't have the habit to get us softtoys, our thirst for softtoys (lol) left us a hoarding habit in our adulthood. My sister has more than 20 winnie the pooh softtoys I believe meanwhile I like a variety of characters. The show is really a money swallowing event hahahaha, but still 15 bucks for a my melody softtoy is pretty reasonable for me :P. I also got an elmo softtoy and a sesame street showbag, I'm such a NOT-grownup sigh.
Look at this bag, it's cookie monster :D!!!!!
But wait! If you flip it inside out, it becomes ELMO!!!!!! lol wtf
And here I leave you a few snaps of the rides, I did went on two rides, my friend was petrified after the second ride as we were spinning 360 degrees for god knows how many times. I'm quite a daredevil for rides within my friends, but I was not enthusiastic about my imagination that day. While still on the ride, I was imagining how I'd save myself/hold on to the seat if there was something wrong with the machine. =-= 
this was the second ride 
storming off to get food lol
my bestfriend "i liked this pic of yours because it's so phallic ahahahaha" =_= I knew she'd say something like this
And that's all folks!