Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Milk ALL the things

ehehehhehehhehhehehehehehhehee *tom hiddleston laugh. Every time I think of the leggings order I start my hiddleston evil laugh.

So, nylon wars ep2, I was in a tutorial when the war begun, i was only 1 hour late and sharkies have nommed all the s size mechanical leggings so i ended up ordering one size smaller.
I might be returning them, as a restock on these babies seems very likely :))
Alright peeps, this is a necessity I tell you, this baby is so awesome I can't even. No wonder they were sold out so quickly.

white wallpaper leggings

have been falling in love with them slowly yet steadily ever since I saw this picture on the facebook page
And then:
The holy JL(i.e. nylon emperor) decided to bless us nylon peasants on his glorious birthday. 20% ALL the things for one week!!!! Are you kidding me??? As soon as the restock list come out tomorrow, I'll be ready with a plan. Hopefully they will restock the leg bones again :((, i could manage with an xs but s would be optimal.
What I want
1) Silver pyramids
I ordered a gold one 2 weeks ago but it was stretched and definitely was not a brand new s so I returned them :S.
2)leg bones
I want you I want you I want you
3) Ribs swim
Since a discount is so rare I MUST have this baby.

Shopaholic quote: "I'll take these and these only"

My parents are visiting and I don't want my nylon obsession to be questioned,therefore I asked my friend if I could use her address and she said yes! What can I do without my friends.

This is an unfortunate event but I can't find my st.peters leggings ;-;.I might've chucked them in a bag or a luggage somewhere, hope i can reunite with these babies very SOON.


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