Sunday, May 26, 2013


Went to a Japanese restaurant yesterday, my tummy is very well satisfied thanks to the sushi boat.
My feline obsession has yet to diminish, evidently shown here by the heavily discounted dotti sweater I'm wearing.

 It was actually the very first time I wore my mac "deeply adored" lipstick out after purchasing it last august. 

Finally going to get a camera and I'll be able to blog more often ^^. Exam is less than a month, I've to be very well prepared this time, as this is my final year (eek). I will go down with this shit I wont put myself down and surrender!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

of head wear and temporary relief

Currently in love with beanies and hats

One more major report due in 1 day(oh god) and I'll only have to deal with online quizzes and an essay ^^ hurrah! I loathe reports! One thing I know is that I most definitely won't get into research field in the future (T-T).


Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's been a while


 MY HOLY CAT CLUTCH HAS ARRIVED!!!! *hyperventilates

asos pants :D
le creepy uni library toilet

girly shopping day with my dear friend, crazy how we've known each other since we're 7. even more awesome when she decided to come to adelaide to study last year.
purikura with ma boo
got this for my brother as his bday present. i'll just "borrow" it from him during the colder months teehee

Phew~ it's been a month since I last posted. Before I know 2 weeks of mid semester just magically poofed out, and now I'm writing the last few reports for this semester *cold sweat. Malaysia's election was a wreck. As expected, THAT political party sure put on an eye popping show (*cough cough). While the outcome was not a fortunate event at all, I'm glad a lot Malaysians are projecting a positive vibe. It is time to change+improve, we deserve and demand a good government.

Til we meet again ^-^