Sunday, July 29, 2012

quick & blurry outfit of the night :)

Here's some quick & blurry pictures of what I wore to dinner. The food was ok-ish but not good enough for a restaurant.
My brother was half yelling at me to hurry up so all my pictures are blur xD.

The shorts I'm wearing are from a boutique sooki. Even though they are one size bigger but it has an elastic waist band so i can wear it as a skort.

metallic shirt: supre/shorts:mink pink

this is super blur but i like the feeling lol


Saturday, July 28, 2012

blah blah blah

First week of uni was surprisingly pleasant :). I've been living in pants for so long, haven't worn a skirt or dress for almost 3 weeks :O! Oh yes I have an interview the coming thursday, hopefully everything goes well! Talking about the interview, I was so embarrassed with myself when the receptionist called me. So I texted my friend " hey i just met you this is crazy so here's my number so call me maybe". And after about 5 mins, someone called me and i thought it was my friend since her number always is "private number" on my screen. Then i finally picked up and when the person asked "hi there is this chinyean?" i said yes and was giggling for a good 5 seconds then i freezed. oh shit this is not my friend! Then i was like “ sorry yes this is chinyean" and changed into a corporate mode lol. oh well, next time if i see a private number calling me i can never assume it is my friend again.

By the way, BLACK MILK!!!!! I wanted to get the monochromatic leggings and leg bones and gold pyramids but ended up only checking out with only the gold pyramids. Monochromatic i dropped it because i really shouldn't spend more money and leg bones my dear Lord at first size m went out of stock then i figured i should be ok with a s since my s size leggings fits ok and the m ones are abit lose around my knees. And then now the s size is out of stock as well =-=, so off putting. On the brighter side at least they are not a limited item.
sorry babe i love you but gotta save some $$
have to have you when you return :) xx
come to mama!
Finally found a light blue nail polish :D! And i got it for around 3 dollars from target which is great!

slightly chipped pastel nails painted 4 days ago


Sunday, July 22, 2012

it's not friday anymore

What a great way to start the first day of uni, "lust for life" always cheers me up :D. I came to know about Iggy Pop via his friendship with David Bowie, who I'm deeply in love with <3.

And finally some new music from the great ol no doubt :D!But I can't say much about the new song yet since it always takes some time for me to fall in love with a song. All I can say is this song is definitely infused with Indian music influence. I hope they will release some heavier songs like rock steady in the future.

I want:
lyrics of one of my favourite david bowie songs printed on a sweater?hello
my supre knits has shown their true colours, they are so easily damaged.thus i want this fabulous knit. (doesn't make sense )

Fellow uni students I hope you have enjoyed your holidays, now it's time to study again :X.

have been playing this hilarious video non stop. the song is catchy though xD


Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 days until uni

freaking lost my application documents wtf!!! i searched for almost 5 hours and gave up >=( . oh well printed another copy and going to the jp to certify some documents.

while i cross my fingers and wish for the best i'm also waiting for these babies to arrive.
studded shirts from boohoo
They only have a size 10 for the black one which is one size bigger than my usual size. Come to the worst i can still return it.

Going back to uni this coming monday. i'm actually excited for school for the first time haha. I am almost recovered from a flu. Gotta thank the pharmacist for recommending a supplment which shortens the duration of flu symptoms by half when taken with the usual meds. If anyone is having a flu right now, i recommend you to take sambucol black elderberry for cold & flu, ask your pharmacist about it.
Finally got the cat print top from sportsgirl! please excuse my messy hair and tiny eyes, just woke up :P


Monday, July 16, 2012


I love cats therefore I want this shirt :D
studs on a black shirt? yes please. should i get the white one?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Floral score

Around 2 weeks ago, after watching caffaccino's haul video, I had the urge to get this floral pants from cocolatte.When I found out they were sold out, I was so frustrated and checked out other websites for floral pants but didn't find a satisfying substitute.Then yesterday when I decided to check out the website out of chance I discovered the floral pants were restocked and I squeeeeddddd. 10 dollars for a pair of floral pants? The best deal!

I not only got myself a pair, I also helped my bestie who's in singapore to get a blue one :).
I've been replaying 2ne1's "I love you" non stop since the music video came out. * slightly addicted

And my results wasn't good :'( and caught a cold too. Double boohoo. Oh well at least today the volunteer course application is going ok and I have to work ultra hard this coming semester!!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

july nails+other things

My internet was down for 4 days! The horror! Anyway bought a new modem and it's ok again :D! I've been sporting sequin nails, sequin shirts this few months and I'm still in love with all da bling :).
black milk :D!
My sister in the us sent this to me on kakao talk lol. She said this reminds her of me since i'm born on the year of the monkey =.=.

also went to a dessert place called the aviary in north adelaide for the first time. Forgot the names of these dishes. We waited for quite a while but the yumminess was worth it.The first dish was a chocolate dish and the second dish was some lemon tart thing. The aviary is definitely a good place for an occasional yummy splurge.

Exam results are coming out this week I think D: . I'm going to have an anxiety attack if I think too much about it, hope my results are ok :'(.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I practically go out everyday to meet up with friends. Haven't been socializing for almost a month :X I was such a hermit crab. These days I prefer wearing black jeans with shirts with a coat on top since it's so cold I don't have the mood to dress up. We have no heater in the house so it's actually colder than outdoors :X. Can't believe I actually sold two american apparel skirts on ebay :D. My first customer was the loveliest ever. I do have a lot to organize at the moment. Gotta sort out some applications and just get going. This month my mantras are 1.getting angry doesn't solve anything 2.If you really want something you don't stop until you get it.

I hope everyone is having a nice winter :). The best part of winter is being able to throw a coat on and not care about what you're wearing when you're lazy :P.

P.S. will have frequent updates in the very near future.