Sunday, April 7, 2013

iphone diaries

A collection outfit shots from the last 5 months omg :o it's almost half a year already. Next week onward, I shall welcome a sea of reports and quizzes despite the oncoming mid semester break.
stripes stripes STRIPES
accidentally left this top in malaysia T.T
attempting "swag", failed miserably LOL
before my hair was chopped :(
generic asian pose 
skirt is only 10 bucks :o and it's the very first knit skirt i own
so in love with this song and this man <3 p="">
lusting over this skirt *drool drool drool
friend asked why i'm dressed so formally, me "am not!"

That's a lot of selcas lol. 


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a wrap

top: globalize / skirt:stylestalker /cardigan: dees simplicity
After drooling over the recently iconic zara white skort for quite a while, I decided not to get it since white shorts would look quite "interesting"on me, being heavy bottomed and all that. I stumbled across this stylestalker piece while browsing the iconic, and with a discount code and the "ONLY 1 LEFT" alert, I clicked purchased and one day later here it is.
About my "quest" to conquer walking in heels fared well yesterday, at least i didn't die after a long day at uni xD weakling.