Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Top: Valleygirl/ Skirt: Sportsgirl
Took this two pictures when my friend visited. Usually my tripod takes care of my outfit pictures xD. So happy my friend brought me two pairs of slippers and a gazillion of other gifts consisted of skincare products etc. She's like my personal santa xD.
Life is a little quiet now, after the examination rush. But it'll be tomorrow when I receive the results. I vision it to be a fortunate outcome which I hope it really will be. I finished "The time of my life" by Cecelia Ahern, which sort of coincides with my life at this stage. I haven't listened to the radio for a long time so I'm kinda loosing touch of what the current music craze is, ageing symptoms eh? xD After I typed this I went to the flyfm website which I loved when I was in high school. Rooarrrr, so predictable lol :P. Haven't tuned to Ryan Seacrest's weekly top 40 for a long long time. The last book I really really enjoyed was Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book'. Haven't found anything new that is as engaging as that yet. Oh well. I was checking out NgMiyake 's dayre, so envious of her eyebrow and eyelash extension, I want to do an extension too, I'm basically browless and eyelashesless xD. I kinda don't get the hype of Disney's Frozen at tumblr. Yeah, it's cute but it didn't seem amazing to me, maybe I'm more attracted to emo flicks. I was wondering if I should start writing again. Wrote a fantasy novel outline, should probably give it a try again :).

Lots of Love, Shizuen

Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Day in December

One day in December my friends decided we would have a christmas party before they flew back for holidays. My talented friend baked muffins and cooked majority of the yummy dishes for us *smooches her. And then we went for some purikura(photo stickers) session, we took advantage of the lighting and took tons of pics eheheheheh :P. It was cute my friend got a mini christmas tree. Bear with me with my shabby photo editing skills though, i'm a noob xD.

Lots of love,