Friday, June 29, 2012

for sale!

As I'm moving in July, I'm selling some new and pre-loved clothing on ebay and blogspot :). Please take a look if you're interested. Prices are all negotiable :D. I will be listing more items in the very near future. I also accept bank transfers if you live in Australia :).
my ebay store
my blog store
Do email me if you have any questions:

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exams are finally ovvveeerrr!!!!!!! I'm ashamed to admit during the exam prep period and post exam, I spent quite a lot of $$ :S. Of two important subjects, I felt I did ok in one, another one I nearly cried during the exam, my head almost went blank wtf T.T. I have quite a lot of purchases to show but I'll show just the nine west purchases this post since it's 5 am and I should go to sleep real soon.
At first I only aimed to buy this pair of sequin flats.
 Then the very smart salesgirl passed me a pair of boots, which the sizing is slightly smaller and they didn't have a size 8 so I requested for a similar pair. And they are:

Then after spending less than 24 hours with these boots, although I absolutely love them, it is not wise for a heels noob like me to keep them. Plus, the path from my house to the bus stop is not heels friendly at all so the coward in me returned it :S. 
Since they are on sale and not refundable I exchanged them for a pair of sensible wedge boots.

By the way two days ago I received an email from nine west saying there's an extra 20% off sale items
If only I waited for another week to buy these shoes. Look at my life look at my choices.               

nine west =  


Thursday, June 14, 2012


YEEHAA!  the bad boys from black milk have arrived   ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆.
eeee... while bloggers take pretty photos, i take photos in the middle of trashland  (╯_╰). And as usual, using paint to cover the horrifying truth. I promise I won't be like this after the exam+ moving to le new house. fat thighs I loathe you

These are just quick photos, I have to study for the finals o(╥﹏╥)o.I really want to study as much as possible and get kick ass results this time.
And I spotted someone wearing retro gamers in uni today! 
I purchased a few items from american apparel. Why ⊙︿⊙? They sent me a discount coupon as a birthday present and oh I was tempted and opted for aa instead of bm pyramids. And Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage wore the polka dot skirt omg! The skirt might not fit me well since I have a big butt :(.If it's the case I'll have to return them.
what i bought:

And I'm kinda having a crush on these tops at the moment. The kitties are so cute :( ! I could've bought them few days ago if my friend didn't control me. But I'm still looking at them. Why is the pre-exam period so shopping worthy?


Saturday, June 9, 2012

officially a sharkie

After discovering blackmilkclothing through candypop-lamour , it's safe to say i'm addicted :D. I was never a leggings person until blackmilk came around, but my bank account is hurting :S.

I got the cross of St Peter leggings (last one in my size!)
I'm so glad I put this in my cart before browsing the other pages. I forgot I added this to my cart and was freaking out when I couldn't add this in my cart. Then I scrolled up and had tears of joy when I saw the $75.00aud sign :').

Also got the cathedral leggings

Couldn't get my eyes off this pair. Have to use will power to resist the urge to add this into my cart. Failed.
I wish I came across blackmilk sooner :(, could've spent all the money I spent on my birthday purchases on black milk instead.They are so expensive :( yet so addictive. Right now I'm lusting for the red pyramids and the great waves :X. For the sake of future blackmilk purchases I actually unsubscribed emails and unliked facebook pages from all the shops I usually shop at. I guess I'm officially a sharkie.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just turned the big 2-0- on saturday :O. Can't believe I'm officially not a teenager any more. Didn't go to the elizabeth mall as planned cause another friend of mine wanted to meet up for lunch :(, so I guess I'll get some of the ally items online.
 My friend and I went to harbour town instead and I got:
dorothy flats from wittner for only $39.95

got the instant cameras for my bestfriend and myself

Funny how our shopping expectations and outcomes were totally opposite, my friend wanted to spend as little as possible and ended up spending a few hundreds.

On thursday and sunday from rundle mall I got:
cotton on bomber jacket. I took out the drawstrings since they annoy me.
They look originally like this:
also got these comfy knits from supre im such a chainstore junkie:

ebay purchases:

Seriously I just started using ebay one month ago and I've bought so many things, gotta start controlling I suppose :/. It's funny how few months ago I said I should go on a shopping ban.

Oh I also preordered a big bang album from kpoptown :D. It'll probably arrive on my door steps in the middle of my exams or after it. I hate it how my friends' exam times are around the twenties while mine ends on the 20th :/ it's so nerve wrecking there's less than 2 weeks for me to study T-T. And omg why do I still have an 2500 words essay and a report due next week? Why? Why? Why? Oh well I'll still put a 100/100 effort, can't do anything wrong :/.

And right now I'm thinking whether to buy this hat or not. And if I do I have no idea whether to get the black or the gold one. Why am I creating nonsense problems for myself =-='''.

Walk passed this adorable wall on saturday