Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Current music and fashion lusts

Cameo skirt
One friend of mine asked a question that deserves a million "duh"s. She was scavenging through my kitchen shelves, spotting a laksa flavoured campbell instant soup packet, she said "I hate Asian food! And why are you so Asian?". "Erm, because I am an Asian????". There was an awkward silence after that. I dont get people who are from Asia themselves while trying to act like they have 0% Asian ethnicity.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


dress:sportsgirl/coat:esprit/belt:bardot/shoes:nose (malaysia)/bag:marcbymarcjacobs
Annndddd, I am officially 21 :o! shock! horror! Seems like yesterday when I was still a teenager and now I'm in my early twenties. My parents gave me a budget to get myself a birthday present, I jumped at the chance to get a sony hx50v and a tripod.

These pictures are the results of me experimenting with the camera tonight after a belated birthday meal with a few friends. One thing I hate, is menstrual migraine when I'm trying to study for exams. I had a dessert pizza, apple pie calzone, sounds weird at first but it turned out to be pretty decent, will definitely try the other options next time ^^.