Saturday, May 26, 2012

On my birthday I'm going to a shopping centre that is an hour drive away from where I live. The two stores that I'm looking forward to go to is chicabooti and ally. I've been to chicabooti once when i went to sydney in 2010, I wish they have a store in the city or at least have an online store like ally :).
Ally items that I'll definitely check out:



Just painted my nails yesterday! Again using the trusty sportsgirl nailpolishes :). Decided to go a little gothic-lolita this time.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

may scores

This is my very first purchase from ebay. Expectations and reality matched :). Everything I bought offered free shipping so everything was VERY cheap comparing with Australia's regular retail pricing. The rings I bought were only around 1 dollar each including shipping! My only complaint is the talon bangle being a tad bit too tight. 

My two bags from vj-style arrive two weeks ago. Both bags leave me good impressions. Though the black & white tote had a foul smell initially, it was fine after I left it it to air for half a day.     

I scored some accessories from forever new when they had a extra 30% off sale stock promo.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Last week, parcels from artfitshop and my best friend arrived :D.

 Apparently my artfitshop parcel was shipped only a couple days later than expected, but the lovely shop owner not only sent me an apology email but also inserted a sweet note with a gift inside the parcel. How sweet is she :)? The length of the skirt is just right and oh so lovely. I have no complaints at all.
Behold the holy zara scarf print skirt! It certainly didn't disappoint me at all, I wore it out with a white shirt today :)!