Friday, February 28, 2014

Tripod date

dress: dotti/ flats: vincci 
Had a bit fun with my tripod today. Lol sounds a bit wrong. Two more days until uni! Excited! I'm glad the hairdresser left the ends of my hair blunt. The previous hairdressers I went to, I've always told them "just cut it, don't need to layer it" and they'd still always love to give me a layered cut which I loathe. I have spent much more than I should on makeup products from 3 concept eyes of stylenanda, Lord forgive my sin. But on the side note, I can't wait till they arrive :D! Stylenanda really is a whirlpool, I was sucked in the website for days no kidding! Scrolled through the products for so many times until the checkout point. My old makeup products are expiring so I guess that's one legit excuse for this purchase :X ehehehe.

XOXO Shizuen

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I was looking forward to this day much more than yesterday, which was valentines day. I'm excited because today's the 1st anniversary of me and the boyfie being together. Last year I didn't think we're gonna be with each other when we were chatting the night before I fly back to aussie, but we ended up together during that chatting session, and it was facebook lol, really unexpected to end up confessing to each other online. But can't help that since my parents are super strict and won't allow me to go out on a date while I was back in Malaysia. Group outings are ok, but one to one dating is like a nono. But since my parents are visiting at the moment, didn't get to have a lovey dovey long videocall, still managed to sneaked in about 10 minutes of video call and online messaging during our free time. I've always thought I'm going to stay single until I'm 25++, so yea this relationship came to me unexpectedly but has been really good.
My computer on the other hand is dying :(, was looking around for options and was deeply surprised by the ludicrous price of asus and lenovo computers, i thought they'll be cheaper but turns out those type of decent ones that could last for 5 years cost about the same as a mac, so I guess I'll get a mac then :), my friends who switched to mac have good comments about it. Since my phone contract is ending this year, I was thinking of getting a samsung phone, I might try out the samsung s5, it should be out before my contract ends so I'll see :).

xoxo Shizuen

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


images taken from
Kuwaii A/W 2014 provides practical and achievable outfit inspirations. The lookbook makes me regret cutting my fringe. I quite like the red mary janes, it is convenient for this thought as the usual loafers I wear to death are literally reaching their death. My resolution this year is to limit purchases to quality over quantity, and to keep it at a moderate expenditure. My mistake last year was letting my body go under no restrictions after reaching my goal weight in early june. After series of actions that lead to a messed up biological clock and bad habits, my body took its toll. This year I will refrain from obsessing over weight loss, figured it is time to feel good and make efforts for a healthy lifestyle, rather than stressing over numbers.

xoxo Shizuen

Monday, February 3, 2014

I cut my hair!

top,skirt: temt/ belt:bardot
I finally chopped off my lock after almost 3 months of my parents' constant nagging. They just love me in short hair and nagged until I can't stand it and went to the hairdresser. I went to a Korean hairdresser on hindley street, I like them a lot because they actually listen and won't cut extra inches off your hair like some hairdressers do. I wanted to have a round bob, but my hair is a bit thick so oh well, but i'm ok with it. It's the first time in my life i'm not upset after getting a haircut woohoo. And I've finally sorted out my study plan :D, I'm going to study master of accounting+marketing at the same uni, it's quite a change, but I'm prepared to go all in :). It's chinese new year now, a bit emo when I see pictures of friends gathering this few days :( I always get homesick during chinese new year, or should I say friendsick xD. On the side note I really like this striped top I got few months ago from temt :D, it only cost 9.90 bucks, a good deal! Time to look for a job after I got my visa sorted out, need some kaching kaching $$$$$. And it's about time, I'm already almost 22. I'm abit addicted to photo editing at the moment, kept on urging my friend to help her edit pictures before she uploads a new facebook profile picture lol.

xoxo Shizuen