Thursday, March 27, 2014


omg just posted my cover of 2NE1'S "MISSING YOU" on youtube xD. Speaking of which, I'm also figuring out how to play their new song "if i were you" by piano. I really enjoy singing their songs even though I don't have a good voice xD.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's 5 O'clock in the morning, our conversation got boring

I don't usually talk about relationship related stuff, not even to my best friends. I don't think any of my friends know my actual crushes in the past, if I do talk about them,either it's been too long or it's not a serious one. I know I am actually a person who likes to whine and share a lot. I usually do that in my diary. But for some reasons I can't seem to find it today, I've just finished my old diary and about to start writing in my new book, and now it's nowhere to be seen. I feel like my blog has the same personal feeling as my diary so now I am here venting on this platform.

I feel like I am consumed by feelings at times. Luckily I'm not depressed, I'm naturally an optimistic person, but I really detest it when at times I have my breakdown moments and my parents or siblings criticise me for being weak and take it as a laughing matter in the latter period. I really really detest it to the maximum. Still, I'm not holding any grudges, it's stupid if I do so anyway. I just don't like it when they laugh at those dug out moments.

And I just cannot bear it at times, even though I was oh so confident at the beginning, when my mother persistently reminds me to breakup with my boyfriend. She thinks I'm too young and my academic downpoints last year proves he's not the person for me. But that's not the point is it? He happens to be someone that I really want to be with, and he's so good to me when I'm being so unreasonable. Even I myself couldn't bear with it but he tried and he was good to me. My weakest moments last year were spent whining and word vomiting to him, and he listened. My mother at one time threatened me for a breakup or else she won't regard me as her daughter anymore. I was really upset, what I did was emotionally connect with a person as we are in different lands after all, and after a certain someone who chose to said something to her, and everything I said is an excuse. Every truth I have spoken was just an excuse. Not until last week she decided to listen. But today, judging from the expression on her face. Despite not saying anything related since my dad was beside, in my computer screen I can still feel the distrust in her. She told me to be honest to her, I did, but too bad too bad. This thing and that thing got mixed in. Even though I didn't do anything rebellious, she was still unhappy. Although I love my mother, I just can't go and let go of someone I love in a different way.

I am confused. I am not doing anything e.g. wanting to get married and leave my family, or deciding to permanently live with him from now on, but she thinks I will do that without thinking of my own future. I've told her time to time I will not give up anything I have right now, I am learning to stand on my own two feet, But I guess it will be until the time I have graduated and found a job, that's when she'll actually accept that I mean what I say. Well, actions do speak louder than words. I have spoken but my actions have not taken place yet.

I guess until then, I can actually prove to my mom I mean what I say. After all, I am actually doing well and feeling well at this moment. For the first time in my life, I actually love going to school. I know they are trying to make our life good and thus we can't do something we actually like if we can't support ourself with those things. Now that I'm able to do something I enjoy doing, this really is a good sign. I enjoy being alive and I intend to do so and enjoy for a long period of time.

La vie est belle.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Youtube haul video #2!!!!!

Haven't filmed a youtube video for so long ><!!!!! i filmed this in one take and didn't do any editing so its a lil too long opps haha.

Monday, March 17, 2014 review

I have just received my package from honest skin, excited!!!! I am really satisfied, I give them a five stars for the overall experience. The only "NOOOoo" moment was when I found out there's a 30% off everything discount throughout March  :((.

I placed my order on the 27th of February, at the check out point, it says shipping date is 14 or 17 March I forgot, so I thought it meant it will only be shipped on that date, but it's just the expected arrival date. The parcel reached my place on the 14th of March, I wasn't at home so I only collected it from the post office today.

The shipping fee is reasonable ($5 for two items), shipping fee varies depending on how many items you're getting. I also got a $2 discount for signing up.
 See how everything is wrapped up properly in bubble wrap so they stay in good condition. Thumbs up for that ^^!
 Here's what I got, Laneige Sleeping Pack EX and a 3CE creamy lipstick, they also gave me a free 3CE fresh aqua mist sample, they are so sweet. 

I've heard a looot of good reviews on Laneige's cult item, water sleeping pack. I decided to order a newer item from laneige instead, firming sleeping pack (thinking of "killing 2 birds with 1 stone"), but I have just realised they mistakenly sent me a water sleeping pack instead of the firming sleeping pack. I'm abit devastated :( but I don't want to send it back and wait for a return, so I guess I'll bear with it for now :(.

The order invoice says the correct item but I got another one instead :X
See the difference between the firming sleeping pack and water sleeping pack
The 3 concept eyes lipstick I ordered is sold out on the official stylenanda site, that why I went on a search rampage, and found, luckily they sent me the correct item for this lipstick or else I'll go crazy cause it's sold out everywhere else. The lipstick I got is  #3 zoom in.
Anyone who's getting 3CE, remember theres a label sticker there if it's authentic.

See how pretty Park Sora is with this lipstick on ><


Price *****        out of all the websites I searched, honest skin has the best offer
Shipping *****  shipping fee is reasonable, doesn't have any tax charge heart attack
Variety *****    offers quite a large variety of items
Product***        if they sent me the right item I would've given them a five star, other than that they are                           perfect


I'll do a review on the sleeping mask and the lipstick once I finish my assignments this week :)

XOXO Shizuen

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here's what I ordered from 3 concept eyes of stylenanda, will do a review once I get the other lipstick I ordered from

Friday, March 7, 2014

EMS australia, so disappointing

So today I finally received my 3 concept eyes parcel, I should be happy right? But no, because the EMS courier service in the kensington area made me really really angry. The EMS postman knocked on my door and didn't ring the doorbell, and as I was still sleeping I didn't wake up for around 3-4 minutes. Then finally I heard someone standing outside so I jumped up and opened the door and apologised to the postman can he please hold for a while as I had to get the keys to open my security door. And when I got the keys and went back to the front door THE POSTMAN WAS LEAVING! I opened the door and said "SORRY SORRY, I JUST GOT MY KEYS." And he was like "nah i'm taking this to the post office, you can go collect it yourself and pointed at the scrunched up postal notice card he put infront of the door (or threw I assume with his shitty attitude like that). 
LIKE WHAT THE F*CK! I was furious inside but I kept my cool and remained calm and polite as i REALLY DON'T WANT to go to the post office and what the hell man not like i didnt pay or something so i said"sorry i just woke up, can I just get my parcel." then he finally walked back and still gave a very rude attitude. 
WHAT THE HELL MAN EMS COST LIKE A BOMB COMPARING WITH REGULAR MAIL AND YOU STILL GIVE ME THIS FFIN SHITTY ATTITUDE WHEN ALL YOU WERE REQUIRED TO DO WAS YOUR JOB AND I ALREADY APOLOGISED TO YOU SEVERAL TIMES.  I made a complaint to the ems company, I really hope they do something about it. That's not how you treat customers, when I was living in walkerville, the ems postmen have always been lovely and patient. And this shitty guy I had enough of him, last year when I ordered a few stuff from market hq who also uses ems, he always has this nasty vibe and I told myself maybe that's his way of being friendly. After today, i 100% confirmed he's an offensively impolite person what a ffin vomit spot.