Sunday, March 25, 2012

rubi shoes

got a couple of sale items from rubi shoes
low heels
 Wanted to get this pair in beige but my size is only available in black.Sad face.
Finally a presence of colour! I just noticed this is my very first pair of blue shoes.
Forgot to put on a picture of my nine west flats :), here they are!


what i wore

trench coat from malaysia, dotti dress, rubi scarf
this is what I wore on a rainy day.
my room is in utter mess since I pulled everything out of my closet to stuff them into boxes. So no there is no black figure standing beside me, it's just me using my poor paint skills to hide the mess. I'm moving 2 months later, excited!


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Apparently the studded loafers from betts which I thought was the perfect size gave me blisters, why (T-T)???
I am more of a size 7 1/2, but very little stores sell 1/2 sizes.
I've never bought shoes from ninewest before because I thought it'd be loads more expensive than other places. So, this week I decided to check its website and turns out the pricing is around what a pair of wittner shoes would cost. I wanted to check out both wittner and ninewest shoes but the wittner shop assistant didn't acknowledge me at all, which is weird because why would you ignore a customer when there's an opportunity to sell your products? The shop assistant at nine west was very helpful and turns out they have 1/2 sizes, score! And I also got a 25% discount for signing up their mail list.
So here's what I got.

At first wanted to get this pair but my so called instincts directed me to get the other pair in the end.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


(images from tumblr)

For me, gold accessories and dark red lipstick matches best with black and white outfits. It's unfortunate that while my mother favours pastels, I her daughter is the worshipper of the colour black. It is not until recently I became a big fan of white garments. When my parents visited me earlier this year, she got so bored of me wearing whites all the time and kept on complaining. So when I wore a hot pink shirt out to uni one day, she couldn't get the grin out of her face. After all from young I always protested quite aggressively when she tried to shower me with pink clothes. I don't mind bright colours and am quite a big fan of orange, yellow and red. But I ALWAYS get drawn to my black and white clothes whenever I plan an outfit. From now on I shall experiment more on my outfits and try not to stick to the repetitive style.

Attending an information session so went to get some business attire.
low heels from novo 
pleated skirt from portmans 

Since my shoes are starting to fall apart, I got myself a pair of new kicks from betts.
studded loafer 

And my lovely cuffs from Asos finally arrived!

I really hope I can get the research aide position, have to make sure I'm thoroughly prepped up.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Went into lovisa to get a present for one of my best friends. Saw the spend 30 dollars get 10 dollars voucher promotion so decided to get something for myself too. Got a thin torque in a darker shade of silver, wanted to get the gold one but there wasn't any :( (same case with the thick version. Alas!). Also got a jewellery storage bag in a black and white snake print.Maybe I'll give the giftcard to my other friend as a bday present or maybe I can use it myself (the sale assistant insist I should use it myself lol).
want the gold one so bad :(

And when I got back home I ordered the Tommy february6+ Tommy heavenly6 album and the marquee magazine from CDJapan which I have been eyeing for months. She has been  my favourite female singer since I was 14, this is the first time I bought her album since Japanese albums are so expensive. Alas my banksa account won't allow the transaction to go through at first, but luckily I have a hsbc account which was a aha! moment :))!
february & heavenly

Then I checked my email and realized there's a special leap year 10% discount on asos items so I decided to get the thin smooth double cuffs in gold. I am glad I didn't get the thicker version last month since this thinner ones are much more to my liking.

I don't expect to have another haul in the near future, have been shopping too much these days. Must have self control! Except for another lovisa trip to use the 10 dollar voucher