Thursday, August 30, 2012

clothing crush

I'm having a crush on this motel jeans. I have a weakness for porcelain inspired prints.

And I shopped on asos and went to dotti and bought 2 light jackets for spring, so much for controlling my spending eh? ======___________________________======
I blame my friend for making me go on asos. People were probably hating on us since we were practically scrolling in the deep in the university's library when they need it for studying and bla. I said this to my friend and she said "screw them!". But this motel jeans was so worth it.... I mean come on 20 bucks! The colours are a bit outrageous but I have an urge to dress outrageously these days I don't know why.
and er ehehehehehe(hiddleston style laugh), I also bought these things :P :P :P
lazy oaf eyeball tee
lazy oaf pineapple tee
asos penguin print shorts
penguin print shirt
And I bought this 2 bomber jackets for spring from dotti.....................such a horrible person

I'll be ultra busy this few weeks, all the reports smashing in, oh well I have a ball to look forward to in october anyway :) !and it's a masquerade ball! an excuse to buy a pretty dress in september

Oh and I just checked black milk's facebook page, why black milk why are you so awesome omg omgomogmgomgomg!!!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with black milk leggings. Why would I even hate them? Because my legs are fat and when I wear them it's even more obvious, oh well do more exercises :D!

For repentance, I will sell more stuff on ebay during my break I suppose.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

huge collective haul

ok, person here guilty of spending too much money on things she doesn't need.
here goes :x
 kitty cat print :3! possibly my favourite purchase
floral pants from bardot
 the left is a very obvious h&m copy sold at a more expensive price eep.
super crinkled top from sportsgirl
holy black milk!
cotton on cardi for spring
nabbed this minkpink dress for 5 bucks from ebay :D
dotti sequins!
minkpink shorts/don't ask amanda faux leather skirt from general pants
dotti sweater/sportsgirl dress
forever skirt and belts/mink pink sweater from market hq
Shopping at market hq in july was the best thing ever! you get a lifelong 15% off discount code! how awesome is that :D!

got an excuse to nab this stella mccartney inspired top yesterday since there was a 20% off discount on full priced items
first two:lovisa/studded hairband: sportsgirl
sportsgirl (a new bag for a new semester!)
shut up and take my money items I got 2 months ago:

labyrinth quote necklace :O
bowie mugshot wallet!!!
Phew!By the way, I just renewed my mobile contract and got an iphone :D.These pictures are taken by phone and I'm very impressed with the quality. 90% of my reason of getting an iphone is just so I can haz adorable phone cases (so superficial).
exhibit A:

i'm also on instagram now :D! le username: shizuenjune (im an instagram noob add me :P)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

today's outfit

Ordered these floral pants from bardot one week ago. They are one size bigger but there are none left in store so couldn't pass on them :P.
What I wore to uni 
hobbit alert!
marshmallow socks <3 td="td">
Watched "The Lady" today. Michelle Yeoh's performance was brilliant. I feel tremendously lucky for not having to live in a society that is controlled by communist dictators. So often communist leaders promise their people of equal treatment but not quite when it comes to the real situation. 
Gotta run now.   


Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Milk ALL the things

ehehehhehehhehhehehehehehhehee *tom hiddleston laugh. Every time I think of the leggings order I start my hiddleston evil laugh.

So, nylon wars ep2, I was in a tutorial when the war begun, i was only 1 hour late and sharkies have nommed all the s size mechanical leggings so i ended up ordering one size smaller.
I might be returning them, as a restock on these babies seems very likely :))
Alright peeps, this is a necessity I tell you, this baby is so awesome I can't even. No wonder they were sold out so quickly.

white wallpaper leggings

have been falling in love with them slowly yet steadily ever since I saw this picture on the facebook page
And then:
The holy JL(i.e. nylon emperor) decided to bless us nylon peasants on his glorious birthday. 20% ALL the things for one week!!!! Are you kidding me??? As soon as the restock list come out tomorrow, I'll be ready with a plan. Hopefully they will restock the leg bones again :((, i could manage with an xs but s would be optimal.
What I want
1) Silver pyramids
I ordered a gold one 2 weeks ago but it was stretched and definitely was not a brand new s so I returned them :S.
2)leg bones
I want you I want you I want you
3) Ribs swim
Since a discount is so rare I MUST have this baby.

Shopaholic quote: "I'll take these and these only"

My parents are visiting and I don't want my nylon obsession to be questioned,therefore I asked my friend if I could use her address and she said yes! What can I do without my friends.

This is an unfortunate event but I can't find my st.peters leggings ;-;.I might've chucked them in a bag or a luggage somewhere, hope i can reunite with these babies very SOON.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Over a month, I went cuckoo and spent a lot of money. From the end of june until now, I bought so much :X. Right now I'm finishing an assignment so the haul post should be up tomorrow night :)!

Meanwhile, here's some of my tumblr favourites :)!


Friday, August 3, 2012


This is not what I'd usually post but I'm just gonna write a long rant.
So I went for the interview on thursday. I thought everything turned out well and I was quite confident about it. And then this morning when I was sleeping my phone rang and I saw the screen showing "private number" and I went all
picked up the phone and be like
I was so excited when the guy said he's calling from the organisation 
and when he said the word "unfortunately"

And apparently their main reason of not recruiting me as a volunteer is because" we are worried language might be a problem"

Then he said "actually you did very good and your personality really suits the job" and blablablabla
while i was experiencing all these emotions inside:

I MEAN COME ON!LANGUAGE?is it because in the application at the first language bar I ticked not english? oh well my english sucks then

This may be a temporary downfall but I will rise above that. I will not let myself down and I understand strong people are strong, weak people are weak. Of this 3 years studying in australia, I've had enough of the moments I wish I was very different from what i am. I've had enough of moments when people think i'm a chinese they give me the eye. I am full chinese ethnically though not nationally and I refuse to be looked down at. I will make sure I improve my english and not let language be an obstacle. Learning from Scarlett O'Hara , I say I'll never be weak again. As God is my witness, I will live through this. If I have to do whatever it takes for me to succeed I will do it. As God is my witness, I'll never be weak again.