Friday, December 30, 2011

Station to station

"Station to Station" is my favourite album of my favourite singer, David Bowie. Oh the holy David Bowie, whenever his name is mentioned, everything turns bright. I have been lucky to pick up the special anniversary version of the album at the beginning of this year.
Here is the glorious cover
Handsome cover for the live album
Superb picture of the live concert

The title track is absolutely superb, from the intro of a train to the last second, this song is magical!
What the album made me think of, is that you are never the same. You can never be able to write the same song in another different period of your life.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

westfield marion trip

I went to Marion today.I didn’t intend on going shopping today but I wanted to help my friend to find a marc jacobs colourful striped dress look alike from either dotti or temt. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. 
So since I couldn’t find what my friend wanted, I went to shop for myself ;).  
I went into temt, dotti, valleygirl and sportsgirl but didn’t find anything nice. So I went to Cotton On since all their sale stock are under 10 dollars.
Wardrobe update!
I got a “chevron” shift dress in black & white for 10 dollars, original price 39.95 dollars.
“India” oversize tee in black & white for 10 dollars, original price 19.95 dollars
“Fleck” loose blouse in black for 19.95 dollars, original price 24.95 dollars. This blouse surprised me at the counter because I stupidly assumed this was 10 dollars without reading the price tag. I like the top very much though as it is chiffon.
Since the blouse is quite sheer, I got this “hi-low” top in black for layering. It’s 5 dollars, original price 19.95 dollars.
I am quite affected by the atmosphere when making purchases. I went into the cotton on store in the city for quite a lot of times but never bothered to take a closer look at all the clothes. This Cotton On store in westfield marion has a nicer interior design and that made me want to stay in the store longer. I am in a monotone mood as I watched Tokio Hotel TV yesterday night and in the episode Bill was wearing all black as usual. I haven’t worn black in quite a long period already and Bill’s outfits revived my old flame for black again. I originally intended to buy colours. This will be the last time I shop until my birthday in June. I already have too many clothes in my closet and will opt for loosing more weight instead of buying more clothes so I can look good in what I already have. I wanted to get this hat from dotti but they don’t have it :(. I’ll check the city next week I suppose. Oh wait! Tomorrow will be good too :)! Ole!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

boxing day adelaide

boxing day adelaide :D
it was quite a torture having to stay home on the 26th since adelaide’s boxing day is on the 27th.
I went to harbourtown first thing in the morning and I bought a surprisingly cheap skirt( 7 dollars !!!) and a white shirt from valleygirl.

After this my brother and I went to Ikea. I wanted to have the swedish meatballs for lunch. But, they had a power cut and the computers weren’t working so we can’t order our meal ==. So we did what we were supposed to do, find a sofa bed since dad’s visiting soon. And just precisely after 5 minutes, the power went back on. It was so funny, you can see everyone was rushing back to the cafeteria. And just as we were queuing again with our smiley hopeful faces, the power went out again are you kidding me. So the staff shooed us away again as they explained they are currently on emergency power supply. Then we resume to our sofa bed hunting, the freaking power became normal again so we went back to the cafe AGAIN. And unfortunately god doesn’t want us to have our meatballs on boxing day so the power went off again. My brother was fed up and opted to go for vietnamese food afterwards. So we got our reasonably priced sofa bed and checked out. Oh the cashier’s name was Mendela, reminds me of Nelson Mendela.
After lunch, I had my brother dropped me at rundle mall. And boy, today was the first day I can see so many people in rundle mall. I originally wanted to buy a lot of stuff but end up I only got a necklace from lovisa and another necklace from sportsgirl. The necklace I got from lovisa, there was only one left and luckily I snatched it successfully, or else it will be an agony since there’s only one lovisa in adelaide. Lol I couldn't find the necklace at first and after I finished asking the assistant I suddenly saw my target. I originally wanted a gold one but the silver one is nice as well. That was the moment that was like war to me, there was a girl in front of me and I was so scared she might buy the necklace. In my head I was shouting :"BITCH YOU BETTER NOT TAKE MY NECKLACE OR THIS IS WAR!". I had a good poker face on though xD. After lovisa, went to sportsgirl to get the similar necklace in gold :). Sportsgirl was having a problem with their computers so we couldn't use our debit cards and I had to go draw out some cash. Sportsgirl is having an enormous sale right now, extra 30% off sale stock, but I wasn't interested in clothes that moment.
So I guess this sums up boxing day adelaide for me :).


Friday, December 23, 2011

These days my outfits revolve around white shirts+skirts or plain dresses, often with the touch ups of  gold accessories. This time when I say I have to lose weight, I mean it! I'm so tired of my body restricting what I can wear.


Inspired by Coldplay

These were written around a year ago. I was listening to Coldplay's songs when I wrote them. I should get back to writing and composing, haven't done so for so long. I hope there's not too many grammatical mistakes.

I suppose
Tomorrow will not be a repitition.
I will never say anything nice again.
How can I?
For the sake of just pleasing you?
No, not favourable.
Trying to inhale all the printed words.
A pile of structured blacks on piece of white.
I'm trying to see what it's all about.
To be honest.
To tell you how I feel.
An embarrassment I would say.
Thank god I'm not as vocal as some.
When it comes to this.

I will rave about nothing.
The years about to come seem interesting.
See how you'd feel
In the future
When I'm being who I am
Instead of a shadow.
See how would you feel
When you realize I am different from what you think
I was this nothingness.
Was not am.
I am me.
What do you expect?
In the backwards
I'm still the same person
Only on a different level.
See how you would feel by then.

Hello you are a rock.
I came here to talk.
But when I see you I couldn't make a sound..
I hope you understand.
I guess you understand.
Cause you talked to me with smiles and all that.
I must say I didn't expect you to be this nice.
You are a rock.
You stand as still as a rock.
I am green.
Anyone who tries to deny you.
Don't be afraid.
I came here with a purpose.
But I'll always forget when I see you.
You are a rock.
And I am green.
I hope you know.
I have a feeling you do.
Cause you talked to me with those smiles.

I begin to look upon the shoulders.
When the snow above the roof starts spilling down on me.
Now it spills down, rolls and runs down the hill.
Don't say you love me.
But you'll never say it will you?
It's just a part of my imagination.
A bitch at heart.
When the wind blows down the creek.
Don't say you love me.
For you will never say it.
My imagination.
Ironically again.
But if you loathe me.
Won't you let me know.
I'm no superhuman.
I don't read minds.
So if you loathe me.
Won't you let me know.

Blue butter spreading across the day.
Don't follow the psychoness of the wind.
For it is intolerable for a human to be immortal.
Pink earth is not desirable.
Don't follow the psychoness of the colour.
Jelly bouncing in the house.
Roman myths crawling in the sanctuary.
Veterans blurring wistfulness of the unknown
Anon. Anon.
Stop calculating the probability of the psychoness.
Smokes are floating around.
Time doesn't care.
Don't try to figure out the words spoken.
Some are just as unbelievable as what they say.
They won't lie.
No. They'll just talk.
On her own is herself.
"I don't want to die"

Sometimes I feel empty when I realize how many times I have let these things happen. Why am I stuck at this pace again? Like what David Bowie sang. We'll get by, I suppose.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Borrowed these books from the library. I loved "Matilda" as a child and when I saw "Completely Unexpected Tales", I quickly grabbed it. One of my best friends recommended me Stephen King's books. Since I love horror but I don't have the guts to watch horror movies anymore I'll just stick to books. I don't get it, I used to watch horror movies all the time until I was around 8. I'm mostly afraid of the post movie imagination I get. I watched "The time traveller's wife" film version before I read the book. Although not many of my friends like the movie, I still like it very much. Every time I watch it I get so teared up by the scenes when Henry first met Alba and when he was telling Gomez and Claire he was going to die. But it's the final scene that makes me bawl!!! I can never fail to cry every time I watch this movie. I read the book a few months after I first watched the movie. It didn't disappoint me at all. The line that gets to my head was "why is love intensified by absence". I can relate to this line to a very large extent. Another thing I relate to is the horoscope I share with Audrey Niffennegger, Claire and Henry. Therefore, since " The time traveller's wife" is lovely, I will give "Her fearful symmetry" a try. I have "The Graveyard Book" at home, it's one of my all time favourites. The one I have at home has a better cover in my opinion.
Here's the cover



Two of my favourite hairbands. The gold one is from Colette accessories, and the wood one is from Lovisa.

dotti sequined skirt

got this lovely sequined skirt from the dotti sale for $19.95. I have been wanting a sequined skirt for a long time , I was so happy when I got this <3 <3 <3 .


Thursday, December 15, 2011

what i like

I've always had a liking for things that seem out of this world. This photo looks like a fairy tale illustration, the pink hair of the model adds a sense of whimsicalness that makes the whole picture goes "pop"!
I'm a fan of the colour black ever since I was very little. The whole outfit of this girl's is very chic yet relaxed.
This is what I would wear during autumn minus the heels since I can't walk for more than 30 minutes with them on. For the sake of not falling to my death I have to go with sensible flats.

I jumped on the torque bandwagon.I got this torque from colette accessories few days ago.
this is how it looks on me. oh my ever messy room
Originally wanted to get this from lovisa.
But I can only find the thinner version in the store, so I went for the colette one instead. Plus, the colette torque is cheaper by five dollars. I've been keeping my eye on a rose coloured torque from sportsgirl, if it goes on sale I'll grab it.
And apparently lovisa is having a pre christmas sale, I will go take a look tomorrow and hopefully the torque is on sale then I'll be grateful >.<.