Saturday, October 8, 2016


Why do people commit to a relationship that makes them unhappy? I really don't understand. I'm not talking about long term relationships, but new relationships where the couple only know each other for a short time. Often, I hear things like " It's almost impossible for us to have a discussion"; " I just don't like how he doesn't think for me" etc. Or there's not enough respect between the couple. Is there an explanation behind this?

From what I gathered from acquaintances, what made them stay in the relationship is the notion that they have someone that's staying in their life and the person will look after them. I know I sound stupid but I really don't get it. How can someone have the ability to take care of you if they can't even make you happy? I have the belief that a significant other should be able to become your best friend or at least a good friend after stripping off the other romantic aspects. Maybe it's the sex and chemistry that's keeping them? But not very often. Some of them don't have a partner that is physically attractive to them, one they don't have the urge to drag them to bed. This is what really baffles me. If they don't have the magical powers to make you wanna be naked with them all the time, and you can't have a proper discussion with them, and they don't think for you or don't respect you enough, what's the catch?

There must be something that I'm missing out.

Monday, October 3, 2016

I get more and more confused about people's idea of 'freedom of speech', from my limited knowledge I would expect one to say whatever's on their mind, no matter how provocative or obscene. But it seems that even though a large number of people vocally support one's freedom of speech, they also unintentionally or intentionally I don't know try to limit other people's right when they find the content offensive and opposite to what they believe. So I guess freedom of speech in most people's heads is that you get to talk about whatever you want, unless I think it's wrong then I'll try my best to shut you up.

I seem to be too timid to voice out how I feel at times, I didn't really thought about it until an acquaintance pointed out how I know more about a particular topic but didn't gave my opinion. At first I was a little defensive. I said I thought it was none of my business since it's someone else's facebook comment. But the irony is I was the one who inboxed my friend to tell him how I feel that person's comment is inaccurate considering he has never lived in that society before and have no idea about all the gory and ugly aspects.

I guess I just have to keep my mind open, have discussions with people, dare to talk about what is right what is wrong how do I really feel about it.