Thursday, April 14, 2016


Dress: Paperscissors

Since I've have been posting zero content for ages, decided to play around with my camera again and did a mini photoshoot. In the future I'd definitely like to try doing a bit styling and photographing for others. All my edits were done via vscocam using my phone since I have zero skills in photoshop :P hehe.

I'm in the middle of a mid semester break, it's my final semester for my master course, as of now I've quit my part time job to focus on prepping for IELTS. Will have to make sure I get it done by end of May.

On the side note, I've been using spotify since January, as recommended by a friend. At first I was a lil skeptical about the hype around it. But now I can't live without it LOL, it's so great as a tool for discovering new music, I even decided to go for premium subscription, I think I'm crazy hahahaha. Talking about music, I've gathered quite an amount of inspiration from all the tracks I've been listening on spotify, and will definitely get down to business and make something via garageband on my computer :)))))) feeling excitedddddd.

I've also joined the gym and have been exercising regularly since Jan too :))))). So far I still get some of the bitchin backpains but they are tolerable now, I guess getting active helps. When it's bad I just get some painkillers or just lay in bed and devour chocolate all day lolll.

I guess that's it for now.

xxx Shizuen