Saturday, August 18, 2012

huge collective haul

ok, person here guilty of spending too much money on things she doesn't need.
here goes :x
 kitty cat print :3! possibly my favourite purchase
floral pants from bardot
 the left is a very obvious h&m copy sold at a more expensive price eep.
super crinkled top from sportsgirl
holy black milk!
cotton on cardi for spring
nabbed this minkpink dress for 5 bucks from ebay :D
dotti sequins!
minkpink shorts/don't ask amanda faux leather skirt from general pants
dotti sweater/sportsgirl dress
forever skirt and belts/mink pink sweater from market hq
Shopping at market hq in july was the best thing ever! you get a lifelong 15% off discount code! how awesome is that :D!

got an excuse to nab this stella mccartney inspired top yesterday since there was a 20% off discount on full priced items
first two:lovisa/studded hairband: sportsgirl
sportsgirl (a new bag for a new semester!)
shut up and take my money items I got 2 months ago:

labyrinth quote necklace :O
bowie mugshot wallet!!!
Phew!By the way, I just renewed my mobile contract and got an iphone :D.These pictures are taken by phone and I'm very impressed with the quality. 90% of my reason of getting an iphone is just so I can haz adorable phone cases (so superficial).
exhibit A:

i'm also on instagram now :D! le username: shizuenjune (im an instagram noob add me :P)



  1. Cool stuff . :3

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  2. I think I love everything here:) totally in love with that Bowie wallet - that is rad!! I'm following you on instagram now :)

  3. haha love your taste in clothes, and hooray for Aussie chain stores! <3 I absolutely adore the cat print top :)

    1. hahaha i'm such a chainstore junkie :P. thank you for leaving a comment Izzy, I adore your blog!

  4. whoaa your haul was hugeeeeeeeee
    unfortunately ive decided to stop buying for awhile >_<
    BM keeps releasing things but thankfully the items are not limited and they'll be around for me to purchase at a later date. I have the exact same skull sweater i bought a month ago from Harbour town! Then i saw Dotti were selling it haha <3 I love the floral trend but personally i dont think im comfortable in floral pants/blazer some bloggers can pull it off so well it makes me cry haha im more of a darker coloured dresser cant do too much colour otherwise i feel strange!
    I really wana find a cute belt like the one you got from Sportsgirl! Will have to take a lil browse tomorrow :)

    1. black milk, yes. you are the very person that made me fall in love with their awesomeness.i managed to not buy anything for this week so i guess everything's going well :P, and do go to sportsgirl, right now the belt's on sale so i guess you can't do wrong ;D.personally i think you can pull of anything but what i like most is your edgy style :D!

  5. Wow these are awesome!! :-)

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