Sunday, August 25, 2013

16 degrees

sweater: jcrew/ skirt:fblock (malaysia)
Stripes and skirts, these are the two options I religiously hold onto. And the perfect weather today made my trip to the supermarket enjoyable, especially having the chance to wear a skirt without tights after the last few days of gloomy weather.
Currently I'm so behind of schedule, gahhhhh. It'll take a sleep deprived week to get me into the game. And remember how I said I managed to not shop for a while in a few posts back, that was a false alarm, I broke my spending curb alas. Right now I'm involved in a volunteering program where majority of the members are passionate about aiding the under-privileged individuals, and a number of them would be willing to live a minimalist lifestyle to support the cause. Ironically I'm infatuated with extravagance and looovvveee spending my $$ on things I don't need hahaha! Oh well :/

Until then.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013