Monday, July 9, 2012

july nails+other things

My internet was down for 4 days! The horror! Anyway bought a new modem and it's ok again :D! I've been sporting sequin nails, sequin shirts this few months and I'm still in love with all da bling :).
black milk :D!
My sister in the us sent this to me on kakao talk lol. She said this reminds her of me since i'm born on the year of the monkey =.=.

also went to a dessert place called the aviary in north adelaide for the first time. Forgot the names of these dishes. We waited for quite a while but the yumminess was worth it.The first dish was a chocolate dish and the second dish was some lemon tart thing. The aviary is definitely a good place for an occasional yummy splurge.

Exam results are coming out this week I think D: . I'm going to have an anxiety attack if I think too much about it, hope my results are ok :'(.



  1. i love how you styled the cathedrals! so super cute! i bought them and returned them, they just didnt look right to me :(
    i love the black with the bling polish on top as well xx

  2. Black milk has the best leggings ever! Looking good ~

  3. Those black milk leggings are my favorite ones they have!!