Friday, July 13, 2012

Floral score

Around 2 weeks ago, after watching caffaccino's haul video, I had the urge to get this floral pants from cocolatte.When I found out they were sold out, I was so frustrated and checked out other websites for floral pants but didn't find a satisfying substitute.Then yesterday when I decided to check out the website out of chance I discovered the floral pants were restocked and I squeeeeddddd. 10 dollars for a pair of floral pants? The best deal!

I not only got myself a pair, I also helped my bestie who's in singapore to get a blue one :).
I've been replaying 2ne1's "I love you" non stop since the music video came out. * slightly addicted

And my results wasn't good :'( and caught a cold too. Double boohoo. Oh well at least today the volunteer course application is going ok and I have to work ultra hard this coming semester!!!



  1. The blue ones are super pretty! Sorry about your results :( I'm sure next semester will be much better :) how's everything going for the move???

    1. still waiting for all the minor repairs to be finished :D.I guess I'm only moving in august.
      and yea i like the blue ones too, I was contemplating which to buy then I randomly chose the red one xD.

  2. Ahh my results werent good either. I have to resit exams and its still very stressful >=[
    Ive been looking at floral pants too but i dont think i could pull it off haha my style is more dark and edgy!
    They both look very pretty though and would be great for spring

    1. I know the feeling, hug it out :'(
      I think you can definitely pull off the floral pants :D. I do prefer a dark and edgy style most of the time though :).