Sunday, July 22, 2012

it's not friday anymore

What a great way to start the first day of uni, "lust for life" always cheers me up :D. I came to know about Iggy Pop via his friendship with David Bowie, who I'm deeply in love with <3.

And finally some new music from the great ol no doubt :D!But I can't say much about the new song yet since it always takes some time for me to fall in love with a song. All I can say is this song is definitely infused with Indian music influence. I hope they will release some heavier songs like rock steady in the future.

I want:
lyrics of one of my favourite david bowie songs printed on a sweater?hello
my supre knits has shown their true colours, they are so easily damaged.thus i want this fabulous knit. (doesn't make sense )

Fellow uni students I hope you have enjoyed your holidays, now it's time to study again :X.

have been playing this hilarious video non stop. the song is catchy though xD


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