Saturday, July 28, 2012

blah blah blah

First week of uni was surprisingly pleasant :). I've been living in pants for so long, haven't worn a skirt or dress for almost 3 weeks :O! Oh yes I have an interview the coming thursday, hopefully everything goes well! Talking about the interview, I was so embarrassed with myself when the receptionist called me. So I texted my friend " hey i just met you this is crazy so here's my number so call me maybe". And after about 5 mins, someone called me and i thought it was my friend since her number always is "private number" on my screen. Then i finally picked up and when the person asked "hi there is this chinyean?" i said yes and was giggling for a good 5 seconds then i freezed. oh shit this is not my friend! Then i was like “ sorry yes this is chinyean" and changed into a corporate mode lol. oh well, next time if i see a private number calling me i can never assume it is my friend again.

By the way, BLACK MILK!!!!! I wanted to get the monochromatic leggings and leg bones and gold pyramids but ended up only checking out with only the gold pyramids. Monochromatic i dropped it because i really shouldn't spend more money and leg bones my dear Lord at first size m went out of stock then i figured i should be ok with a s since my s size leggings fits ok and the m ones are abit lose around my knees. And then now the s size is out of stock as well =-=, so off putting. On the brighter side at least they are not a limited item.
sorry babe i love you but gotta save some $$
have to have you when you return :) xx
come to mama!
Finally found a light blue nail polish :D! And i got it for around 3 dollars from target which is great!

slightly chipped pastel nails painted 4 days ago



  1. I didn't even know the gold pyramids were in play! It's good that you saved your money though - cos episode 2 is just around the corner!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the bling on your legs lol x

    1. oh Andie I just heard they are going to do a restock tomorrow :D! can't wait to get the leg bones!