Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 days until uni

freaking lost my application documents wtf!!! i searched for almost 5 hours and gave up >=( . oh well printed another copy and going to the jp to certify some documents.

while i cross my fingers and wish for the best i'm also waiting for these babies to arrive.
studded shirts from boohoo
They only have a size 10 for the black one which is one size bigger than my usual size. Come to the worst i can still return it.

Going back to uni this coming monday. i'm actually excited for school for the first time haha. I am almost recovered from a flu. Gotta thank the pharmacist for recommending a supplment which shortens the duration of flu symptoms by half when taken with the usual meds. If anyone is having a flu right now, i recommend you to take sambucol black elderberry for cold & flu, ask your pharmacist about it.
Finally got the cat print top from sportsgirl! please excuse my messy hair and tiny eyes, just woke up :P


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