Saturday, April 14, 2012

skirt crisis

It's so ironic while people in some parts of the world are worrying how to get enough food while I'm sitting here worrying about skirts =_____=.
I have a problem of deciding whether to get a pleated fake leather skirt that I can definitely get right now (which seems to be running out of stock very fast everywhere :S ) or saving the money for the zara scarf print skirt that I have been lusting for a long time but have no idea if I can get them because Australia's zara is so slow =____=.

My options:
#Option 1
Beige pleated pu skirt from Olive

#Option 2
Black pleated fake leather skirt from either Olive or Storets.

#Option 3
Forget option 1 and 2 ever existed and gamble on if I would ever get to touch this zara scarf print skirt. My friend is offering to look for it in melbourne's zara but I have little confidence she will find it since judging on the comments online, the zara stores in australia overall have mostly stocks from last seasons.                    Oh the agony  :(.

Why am I thinking of so many ways to spend money even though I'm not even working wth. Oh good news, my philosophy professor emailed everyone saying he'll extend the essay's due date for another week. Joy :D!!! Bad news, I only got freakin 6 out of 10 for my psychology assignment because of some stupid mistakes! NO!!!!!
Missy Y U NO score higher in your psychology assignments when you know you'll be dead meat if you don't get into honours degree next time.
I'll just have to make sure I score the highest mark possible for the future assignments and tests and reports and whatever may come bitches.

After I successfully lose all the unwanted flabs I'll start posting outfit pictures. Oh weight, oh academic results, please get better. *me sobs
Bad results and flabby body please get away from me. I go to karate and taekwondo classes regularly I also eat healthily so please let me be thin this year. 

And I've decided to get a new cardigan. Currently I only have a dark grey cardigan. I plan to get one or two pastel coloured ones from zara on monday after handing in my assignments.
I plan to get something like what Nicole of Gary Pepper is wearing. 
image courtesy of Garry Pepper from this link



  1. Cute photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

    1. thank you! you know I wanted to buy a metal belt from your shop but it went out of stock so I ended up buying it from open closet xD.

  2. Great photos!! Love the inspiration!