Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello April! And hello the second and final week of mid semester break. First week of holiday was fun but the assignments and revision plans are untouched, oh well :(.

Went to burnside village with my friend on wednesday and got into tralala zara :D. I decided to get this at the last minute when I saw it on a mannequin before walking out. The sales assistant was super nice, she helped to look for my size in the storeroom and when there wasn't any she took this one off the mannequin. I love helpful sales assistants.
black v neck dress
Went to the city on saturday for v neck tees hunting. I did my research before going shopping. It's kinda silly how a lot of stores only sell fitting tees. In the end I got two v neck tees from sportsgirl: one in white and one in grey. Then went into temt. At first I didn't want to get anything but then I saw this pair of white shorts and it fitted really well on me. So, $9.95+good fit+good colour+comfy, and I thought why not? I also got two pocketed v neck tees from dotti: one in green and one in army green/ greyish brown.
the stash
French connection have such great bargains during their sale periods. Last month my friend asked me to help her get a blazer. I found this pinstripe blazer and showed her and she gave me her approval so I went to order it, and oh my weak heart I also ordered one for myself. It was 29.95 dollars down from 129.95 dollars (!!!), they also have an extra 20% off sale stock and free shipping so it came down to 23.95 dollars. The best bargain I've got!
french connection posh pinstripe blazer
This was by far my most practical shopping trip because I know sometimes I buy things I wouldn't wear. It was definitely not the case this time. All the things I got are pretty much suitable for many occasions and I'm a happy shopper. Gotta get on to doing my assignments and revisions and clean up my room for july's move.Funny how I mentioned in an older post stating that I won't shop until my birthday, but I already bought so many things after that post.  


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