Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm ashamed to write this post. Yesterday after submitting my essay, I went to rundle mall again. What am I to do when I have to pass through it get to my bus stop. Bad girl '-'.
I went into cotton on to buy some shirts for my brother as his birthday present. Got him 2 v neck tees. Well and I stupidly walked to the sale section and I came back with two extra items. Fail ╥﹏╥.
long sleeve star print chiffon shirt $15
 Wish they had this top in an xs, but it's a chiffon top so it'll be fine.
cacun blouse $15
love the adorable peter pan collar
Oh and yesterday I managed to carry a 6 kilo massive box for more than 1 km from the post office to my house. A guy at the post office asked me if I had a car and if I'll be alright. I said I'll manage and I did, call me hercules
(`へ´*)ノ!!! I admit my arms felt like jelly when I arrived home xD.No I did not end up as a hard labour, I just ordered some things from typo. I got storage boxes and bookends and some things my friends wanted. 

proof xD
this adorable babushka bookend is only $5, each set has 2 of it.
ordered 3 :3



  1. omg I love those clothes!!
    this post is awesome :)