Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loveliest discover ever!

I just discovered fashionhippieloves . Not only are her posts amazing, I am also forever grateful for her for showing where she bought her bags. Hence I get to know this wonderful website vjstyle. Fingers crossed I will probably order this two bags or maybe just one if I'm a good girl.
1)  "Smiling face bag"
      This one is just like the Celine luggage tote.Seeing fashionhippieloves rock the all black version makes        
      me go weak at the knees. I am very in love with the black and white version.

link to item

2)“Rivet clamp bag"

   At first I was contented to just order the "smiling face bag". But seeing this made me hesitate for another   
   moment. My friend commented this bag looks like a drug lord's. From now on I'll call this bag druglord.  
   Oh dear I guess I just made a decision of keeping this bag. My friend told me to just get just this one but
   I'm too ashamed to tell her I've just decided to get them both oh my oh my.

link to item

I am so happy this two bags come in a school friendly size, and moreover the price! It's ridiculous sometimes how things in Australia get overpriced. Thank you good ol internet, you make millions of things possible! If there is anyone reading this who needs a bag that is affordable while still has quality, you definitely have to check out vjstyle! This is a must I tell you, they have an amazing range of clothes and shoes as well! It's safe to say this is the best online shopping site I've ever discovered even though I just came across it today.

Oh and holiday is also ending soon, have to make sure I work ultra hard. This is time to get serious! No joke!



  1. Both bags are beautiful! I love them!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  2. I'm so in love with the second one!

    1. sassi I often read your blog, such a surprise to see you comment :O!