Monday, April 16, 2012

bla bla bla

I was suppose to go to zara today but I woke up at 1530 and the shops close at 1700 =_=. So my cardigan hunting plan is ruined.

This was unexpected but I just ordered two shirts from Romwe to match with the leather skirt I ordered from Artfitshop.
Anyway these are what I got:

Paillette Lapel Apricot Chiffon Shirt $30.99

Retro Contrast Dots Apricot Shirt $25.99
link to item

This is my first time buying from them so I got a 20% discount for signing up with them. You will receive an email with the discount code after you sign up. And these two shirts are selling out really fast so make sure you get them right away if you heart them. I've looked at other websites for the sequin collar shirt and so far romwe has the lowest pricing.


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