Thursday, June 5, 2014

Super delayed graduation post

taken by my friend's iphone, a bit too white but i like the ambience ^^ 
everyone minus dad lol :P
Favourite girlie#1
Favourite girlie#2
my psych buddies ^^ don't know what am I to do without them
With the ever lovely Pris pris ^^ candypoplamour
proud papa kekeke 
the ladies ^^
ironically my robe's color was pink, the color i wear the least xD. 
Where did the time went? Seriously, one month just passed by like that since my graduation ceremony. Took heaps of photos that day lol, graduation is appropriate for a gazillion selfies i suppose but i only took one since i have others to take pics for me lol ;). I wanted to get a new dress at first, but didn't spot anything nice at a cheap price and didn't want to spend more time on dress hunting so i wore my lbd with a necklace i got from colette years ago for 5 bucks i think. I edited all these pics using vscocam on my phone, love the film like effects ^^, too bad they don't have a free version for computers oh well ^^. Have a few weeks left until exams, 2 i think shitttttzzzzzzz. Ergh!!!!! work hardddd!!!!! At least all my assignments are completed ><.

XOXO Shizuen

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