Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shizuen cooks- easy agedashi tofu

My boyfriend made some agedashi tofu during his visit. Then he went back yesterday and I craved for some ageshi tofu, so i line-ed him and asked him how to make em. And now I have just devoured all of em and am truly satisfied.
To make them, you need:
1) tofu, portion depending on how much you want to eat, I used 1/4 of the usual square
2)kitchen paper/paper towel
3)glutinous rice flour白糯米粉/ farine de riz gluant
5)sauce = soy sauce+ a little bit wasabi

1) first cut out the portion of the tofu, don't cut them into small pieces first
2) cover the surface of the tofu with a kitchen paper, make sure the paper touches the whole surface, you can pat the tofu to make the process faster. I used 2 pieces of kitchen paper for this procedure. Make sure the kitchen paper is completely soaked, and the tofu appears drier.
4) cut the tofu into smaller pieces, ageshi tofus are usually bigger than the pieces I've cut.
5) put the cut tofus in a plate, pour the glutinous rice flour all over, make sure the tofus are covered with the flour on all sides. For reference, I'll show you the glutinous rice flour I used. You can usually get them from grocery stores in china town, some supermarkets may sell them too.

6) Heat up the oil in the sauce pan, use the same amount of oil as you would use for frying. I poured in 1/2 of the oil you'd usually need for frying as I don't want to waste any oil :P
7) I used a small sauce pan so i only put in about 4 pieces of tofu each time, remember to turnover the tofu after about 20 seconds of frying, as you use the same pan of oil for the frying, at the 3rd batch of tofu, remember to turn the tofus more frequently than you would for the first batch as now the oil is much hotter, if not you'll burn the tofus.
8) Last but not least :D plate up, I also put some kimchi on the side
9) You can prepare the sauce anytime, that is before you start frying or after, anything's fine. If you prefer a spicier sauce, put in more wasabi, if you don't like the taste of wasabi just use soy sauce.

The whole dish only took me less than 10 minutes from preparation to plating.
A plate of ageshi tofu is usually around AUD4.50 at sushitrain for a few pieces. If you want Ageshi tofu that looks like the ones they have in Japanese restaurants, cut up the tofu into bigger pieces, and use the regular amount of oil as you would for frying.

Enjoy ^^

XOXO Shizuen

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