Sunday, April 20, 2014

Music obsession #1

Tommy february6
Tommy heavenly6
The brilliant green
The girls in the three pictures are actually the same person a.k.a. Kawase Tomoko 川瀨智子. She started out as the lead singer of the brilliant green, then went on to develop on her solo project -Tommy february6, and later on had another separate solo project - Tommy heavenly6. Out of all the singer's I've adored she's the very first one I idolised. When she's in the brilliant green, she sings pretty lyrics in rock and indie, I'm not that knowledgeable about music but if I were to compare, I'd say the brilliant green reminds me of coldplay, especially lyric wise. As it's not all about hey I love you you love me but alot about describing different feelings and places and atmospheres. Though they debuted in 1997, their music is still pretty rad, doesn't sound dated at all. My all time favourite of the brilliant green should be Sono Speed De (translation: at light's speed)

They filmed this music video in Prague if I didn't remember wrongly.
Most of all, they write and produce their own songs, so it's not all about dance moves and looks etc, which is pretty rare in the current jpop industry. You know how it's usually by chance you find an artist that you can listen to all of their albums and every single song on it, that is the brilliant green to me.
I was actually introduced to the brilliant green when I got to know Tommy february6 through the anime Paradise Kiss as she sang the intro. I was like damn this song is good! And luckily someone from a forum I used to surf on introduced this song or else I wouldn't have discovered her that fast. And then I fell into the whirlpool. Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6 both made me so obsessed. Tommy february6 is all about 80's inspired pop and cute tunes, sings about heartbreaks and "dokidoki" moments. While Tommy heavenly6 sings about blue times, chaos in the head etc, which a growing teenager can surely relate to, for me at least. I used to spend so much time on youtube just to watch her videos, but recently due to copyrights and related issues all videos have been taken down sadly :/
But I shall attach some available videos here :). Her recent music are ok but in my opinion not quite as superb as her older releases.

And then swear by tommy heavenly6, which is one of my all time favourites :)

What I love about her videos is that it's all very quirky and always full of different themes. And her IDGAF attitude when it comes to lip synching is definitely entertaining as well lol. And apparently she adores halloween quite a lot and hence there's a lot related material from her and that I'm appreciative :P. Although I don't obsess over her as much as I did when I was younger, she definitely always hold a special place in my heart, she is the queen of my heart ^^, musically at least. But also, her sense of style is quite superb in my opinion :D especially with all her costumes and stuff she issss soooo perfectttt ^^!!!!

XOXO Shizuen

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