Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm one of many, one is blue.

dress:sportsgirl/necklace:colette/ heels:nose
Im in the middle of swot vac, I'm a lil pissed my first exam is on a saturday :(, why do they even bother to have exams on saturday erghhhhh. Imma be crammin and studying the whole night today again :). On the side note, Lana's new album is really nice I love it :D.
"But you are invincible
I can't break through your world
Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable"
This song reminds me of my love for David Bowie hehe, so melancholy and untouchable the feeling.

Good luck with exam preparation fellow uni students in Aussie!!!!! Stay positive and study well!!!

XOXO Shizuen

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