Friday, February 28, 2014

Tripod date

dress: dotti/ flats: vincci 
Had a bit fun with my tripod today. Lol sounds a bit wrong. Two more days until uni! Excited! I'm glad the hairdresser left the ends of my hair blunt. The previous hairdressers I went to, I've always told them "just cut it, don't need to layer it" and they'd still always love to give me a layered cut which I loathe. I have spent much more than I should on makeup products from 3 concept eyes of stylenanda, Lord forgive my sin. But on the side note, I can't wait till they arrive :D! Stylenanda really is a whirlpool, I was sucked in the website for days no kidding! Scrolled through the products for so many times until the checkout point. My old makeup products are expiring so I guess that's one legit excuse for this purchase :X ehehehe.

XOXO Shizuen

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