Friday, March 7, 2014

EMS australia, so disappointing

So today I finally received my 3 concept eyes parcel, I should be happy right? But no, because the EMS courier service in the kensington area made me really really angry. The EMS postman knocked on my door and didn't ring the doorbell, and as I was still sleeping I didn't wake up for around 3-4 minutes. Then finally I heard someone standing outside so I jumped up and opened the door and apologised to the postman can he please hold for a while as I had to get the keys to open my security door. And when I got the keys and went back to the front door THE POSTMAN WAS LEAVING! I opened the door and said "SORRY SORRY, I JUST GOT MY KEYS." And he was like "nah i'm taking this to the post office, you can go collect it yourself and pointed at the scrunched up postal notice card he put infront of the door (or threw I assume with his shitty attitude like that). 
LIKE WHAT THE F*CK! I was furious inside but I kept my cool and remained calm and polite as i REALLY DON'T WANT to go to the post office and what the hell man not like i didnt pay or something so i said"sorry i just woke up, can I just get my parcel." then he finally walked back and still gave a very rude attitude. 
WHAT THE HELL MAN EMS COST LIKE A BOMB COMPARING WITH REGULAR MAIL AND YOU STILL GIVE ME THIS FFIN SHITTY ATTITUDE WHEN ALL YOU WERE REQUIRED TO DO WAS YOUR JOB AND I ALREADY APOLOGISED TO YOU SEVERAL TIMES.  I made a complaint to the ems company, I really hope they do something about it. That's not how you treat customers, when I was living in walkerville, the ems postmen have always been lovely and patient. And this shitty guy I had enough of him, last year when I ordered a few stuff from market hq who also uses ems, he always has this nasty vibe and I told myself maybe that's his way of being friendly. After today, i 100% confirmed he's an offensively impolite person what a ffin vomit spot.

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