Monday, February 3, 2014

I cut my hair!

top,skirt: temt/ belt:bardot
I finally chopped off my lock after almost 3 months of my parents' constant nagging. They just love me in short hair and nagged until I can't stand it and went to the hairdresser. I went to a Korean hairdresser on hindley street, I like them a lot because they actually listen and won't cut extra inches off your hair like some hairdressers do. I wanted to have a round bob, but my hair is a bit thick so oh well, but i'm ok with it. It's the first time in my life i'm not upset after getting a haircut woohoo. And I've finally sorted out my study plan :D, I'm going to study master of accounting+marketing at the same uni, it's quite a change, but I'm prepared to go all in :). It's chinese new year now, a bit emo when I see pictures of friends gathering this few days :( I always get homesick during chinese new year, or should I say friendsick xD. On the side note I really like this striped top I got few months ago from temt :D, it only cost 9.90 bucks, a good deal! Time to look for a job after I got my visa sorted out, need some kaching kaching $$$$$. And it's about time, I'm already almost 22. I'm abit addicted to photo editing at the moment, kept on urging my friend to help her edit pictures before she uploads a new facebook profile picture lol.

xoxo Shizuen

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  1. Love your short hair!! Its really cute and suits you :)))