Saturday, February 15, 2014


I was looking forward to this day much more than yesterday, which was valentines day. I'm excited because today's the 1st anniversary of me and the boyfie being together. Last year I didn't think we're gonna be with each other when we were chatting the night before I fly back to aussie, but we ended up together during that chatting session, and it was facebook lol, really unexpected to end up confessing to each other online. But can't help that since my parents are super strict and won't allow me to go out on a date while I was back in Malaysia. Group outings are ok, but one to one dating is like a nono. But since my parents are visiting at the moment, didn't get to have a lovey dovey long videocall, still managed to sneaked in about 10 minutes of video call and online messaging during our free time. I've always thought I'm going to stay single until I'm 25++, so yea this relationship came to me unexpectedly but has been really good.
My computer on the other hand is dying :(, was looking around for options and was deeply surprised by the ludicrous price of asus and lenovo computers, i thought they'll be cheaper but turns out those type of decent ones that could last for 5 years cost about the same as a mac, so I guess I'll get a mac then :), my friends who switched to mac have good comments about it. Since my phone contract is ending this year, I was thinking of getting a samsung phone, I might try out the samsung s5, it should be out before my contract ends so I'll see :).

xoxo Shizuen

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