Saturday, October 26, 2013

love,love will tear us apart again

top: dotti/ jeans:just jeans/blazer:cotton on/necklace:lovisa/wedges:malaysia
From time to time I'll stop myself from using the phone during bus journeys and to read a book instead. I'm reading the time traveler's wife again, it's sort of like my "the notebook", I always bawl when I watch the final scenes of the movie especially when Henry said " I don't want you to wait, I don't want you to spend your whole life waiting" when Claire asked "why didn't you tell me you're coming I'd would've waited here all the time" :'(. Speaking of my outfit, most of my friends hated this pair of wedges I'm wearing including my mum but it's so comfy :(( I haven't worn this blazer for almost a year already :O, how time flies. I'm approaching the last year of my undergraduate life, the horror! I have to continue my studies though or else I'll be jobless in the future hahaha. Everyone who's finishing their assignments and exam prep, the biggest good luck to you and me!!!!!


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