Thursday, October 17, 2013

check check

Was fooling around with my ipad the other and this was the outcome lol. I have got this blazer for ages and this was the very first time I wore it, sometimes it's so weird you get things you really like but don't automatically wear it until a very long time. And now less than one month until the last exam of my undergraduate life. Whaaaatttttt. I have got to start applying for next year's programs too. And also look for a job for this summer, I want $$$$$. There's a buy 1 get 2nd product for 50% promotion for makeup products at target at the moment, thinking of getting the loreal cc cream and bbcream, if I do get them I'll do a review on them. But skincare product wise, I'm a fan of aesop, it's a bit pricy but it lasts for quite some time.


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