Friday, October 4, 2013

Cooking with Shizuen 下厨记

This will be my first time blogging in English and Chinese simultaneously ^^
I have a few friends (actually it's only one or two lol) who think cooking is hard or very time consuming, I actually think it's not such a chore at all (unless you are baking which cleaning will take up A LOT of time that's why I never bake :P), it's more of a go with your feeling type of activity and can be quite relaxing at times. I'm going to show you guys how I cook up a meal in a short time with a spontaneous menu that just pops into my head when I'm hungry. In no way I'm a good cook so pardon me for the bad presentation :P

Today I'm going to cook a dish of Korean influenced chilli paste noodles

Chopped up some spring onion and portobello mushroom
青葱和大蘑菇 *切切切
I also used black fungus, some japanese mushroom which i forgot the name, chinese cabbbage
I also chopped up some fish cake, if you're a vegetarian you can skip this part and use fried tofu, it's equally delicious
 For noodles, I used Korean wheat noodles which you can easily get from any asian grocery store
And of course, chopped garlic! I love using this in any stir fry dishes, adds that kick to the dish
 I used sesame oil, I also used Korean chilli paste and soy sauce for tasting.
 A big fat tablespoon of garlic into the pan
 Add in the spring onion and fry them till they appear dry and slightly golden brown
 After that, put in ALL the things hahaha, add water to make sure everything's cooked, the amount of water you'll have to add in = how much sauce you want.
 * DENDENDEN star of the dish, i put in 3 heaps of tablespoon so it's really spicy :P
*蔣蔣蒋 主角出场啦 :D, 我放了三大匙,不辣不过瘾
 stir them all together so everything's in the same sauce consistency 
 boil the noodles! this only takes around 3 minutes 
 *Spontaneous addition -> a slice of cheese

Done! I've cooked quite a big portion so it can be seperated into few meals, it's nice to eat with rice too ^^. It only took me around 30 minutes to cook this, so if you really divide it into 3 meals, it only takes around 10 minutes per meal.
 完成啦 :D!我煮了比较多,就可以一次吃几餐,配白饭也不错哦。所以其实自己煮不会花很多时间,我前前后后花了差不多半个小时,如果分成几餐来看花的时间大约每餐10分钟左右罢了
Tadaa! It's not that strong presentation wise but here's my chilli paste noodles :D
 *jiajiang! 卖相不好哈哈多多包涵啦,不过这就是非常容易完成的辣椒酱面啦 :D

This is a really random post.


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  1. hahaha i love this random post :) the food looks yummm ive actually only recently learnt how to sorta cook ? i do find it hard and i have no idea what foods go together so i always need guidance or a cookbook maybe one day i can freestyle cooking but it probably wont taste as nice *__*