Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 13

 black eyed minions serving the mistress of the dark?
awkward expression xD
 The dance floor was too packed, we were smashed by bodies for a while until we've decided to take a rest.
 This was the only photo I got of the crowd, didn't go around to snap pictures of people with crazy awesome costumes cause I'm scared to annoy peeps :P
How awesome is my friend's (left) costume and how cool+ scary at the same time is the dude on the right :D
mandatory selfie :P

Decided to go to a halloween party last minute, hence I didn't came up with a costume, but I tried :(. I actually came out with this ensemble within 10 minutes before I went out to catch the bus cause I was occupied with online quizzes. The whole get up was slightly inspired by Wednesday Addams +Lana Del Rey( white shirt+red lipstick :P, but I don't think you can see the resemblance)  I also helped two friends to do their make up, we weren't that scary because I didn't get to buy any white powder/fake blood :(, I tried to draw some fake blood using my lipstick, my cousin said my makeup looked more like a  post makeout sesh \\(> <)//

The blood lip do was better when I practiced haha

I hope to have a full on halloween costume in the future :) I really liebe halloween with all my heart.

Until then.


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