Saturday, September 28, 2013


Went to high tea at hilton today. While it's nice it doesn't have a WOW effect though (spoilt). I was wearing all black, head to toe even my shoes and bag were black, typical. While my friends were snapping pictures I was staring at the food and kept sipping my coffee, that's what 6 hours of sleep in 3 days does to me lol. Why am I sleeping so little? Because I'm trying to finish some overdue work and turns out september just isn't my month. From last tuesday I had a really bad backpain that feels like the ones I get during pms time but 10000 times worse. Sitting in front of the computer for more than 30 minutes will make me go to bed that's how bad it was. I thought well maybe a good night's sleep will do. But noooo, it continued for 2 days until the third day I finally went to see the doctor. And applied extension for one of my reports. Just when I thought everything will be ok, the meds the doctor gave me didn't work at all. Went to see another doctor and she gave me the right pills. Then next day, wtffffff acid reflux, and those that make you feel like you're dying and when you lay down it's even worse. So yea there goes my extension and my report is so overdue, then bamm after i got back to the doctor and had a few tests, fever =-=. And now I'm finally ok thank god, health is really a priority.


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  1. =O hope youre feeling 100% now?! September wasnt my month either..all i wanted was to study but something also came up and my health wasnt very good
    Hopefully we can both focus more on study cos exams are soon ARGHH
    Btw nothing wrong with wearing black from head to toe :) you still look chic hehe and im still trying to find a nice high tea place in Adelaide =/ every place ive been to is mediocre...apparently in Brisbane they have good high tea at Le Jardin Palazzo Versace? Should check it out!