Saturday, June 9, 2012

officially a sharkie

After discovering blackmilkclothing through candypop-lamour , it's safe to say i'm addicted :D. I was never a leggings person until blackmilk came around, but my bank account is hurting :S.

I got the cross of St Peter leggings (last one in my size!)
I'm so glad I put this in my cart before browsing the other pages. I forgot I added this to my cart and was freaking out when I couldn't add this in my cart. Then I scrolled up and had tears of joy when I saw the $75.00aud sign :').

Also got the cathedral leggings

Couldn't get my eyes off this pair. Have to use will power to resist the urge to add this into my cart. Failed.
I wish I came across blackmilk sooner :(, could've spent all the money I spent on my birthday purchases on black milk instead.They are so expensive :( yet so addictive. Right now I'm lusting for the red pyramids and the great waves :X. For the sake of future blackmilk purchases I actually unsubscribed emails and unliked facebook pages from all the shops I usually shop at. I guess I'm officially a sharkie.



  1. please post up outfit pics when you wear your leggings! so excited for you!

    1. will do so after the exams :D, thanks for commenting hun!

  2. oooo congrats on your purchases! haha Im happy you found these through my blog xD
    I cant wait to see the cathedrals on you must post pics