Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just turned the big 2-0- on saturday :O. Can't believe I'm officially not a teenager any more. Didn't go to the elizabeth mall as planned cause another friend of mine wanted to meet up for lunch :(, so I guess I'll get some of the ally items online.
 My friend and I went to harbour town instead and I got:
dorothy flats from wittner for only $39.95

got the instant cameras for my bestfriend and myself

Funny how our shopping expectations and outcomes were totally opposite, my friend wanted to spend as little as possible and ended up spending a few hundreds.

On thursday and sunday from rundle mall I got:
cotton on bomber jacket. I took out the drawstrings since they annoy me.
They look originally like this:
also got these comfy knits from supre im such a chainstore junkie:

ebay purchases:

Seriously I just started using ebay one month ago and I've bought so many things, gotta start controlling I suppose :/. It's funny how few months ago I said I should go on a shopping ban.

Oh I also preordered a big bang album from kpoptown :D. It'll probably arrive on my door steps in the middle of my exams or after it. I hate it how my friends' exam times are around the twenties while mine ends on the 20th :/ it's so nerve wrecking there's less than 2 weeks for me to study T-T. And omg why do I still have an 2500 words essay and a report due next week? Why? Why? Why? Oh well I'll still put a 100/100 effort, can't do anything wrong :/.

And right now I'm thinking whether to buy this hat or not. And if I do I have no idea whether to get the black or the gold one. Why am I creating nonsense problems for myself =-='''.

Walk passed this adorable wall on saturday



  1. Love the hat!! You should totally get the black one! Where is this wall, it's awesome :)

    1. won't be buying them anymore :D discovered the lovely black milk xD. the wall is near to china town in adelaide :).

  2. Oohh i love the Wittner flats and the supre knits are very nice in colour.
    I must find this wall!! I live in Adelaide and ive never seen it before =o What is it near??


    1. i think it's near wright street or franklin street somewhere i'm not quite sure :( but the street will eventually lead to the adelaide university village,also it's quite near to a coffee shop