Friday, June 29, 2012


exams are finally ovvveeerrr!!!!!!! I'm ashamed to admit during the exam prep period and post exam, I spent quite a lot of $$ :S. Of two important subjects, I felt I did ok in one, another one I nearly cried during the exam, my head almost went blank wtf T.T. I have quite a lot of purchases to show but I'll show just the nine west purchases this post since it's 5 am and I should go to sleep real soon.
At first I only aimed to buy this pair of sequin flats.
 Then the very smart salesgirl passed me a pair of boots, which the sizing is slightly smaller and they didn't have a size 8 so I requested for a similar pair. And they are:

Then after spending less than 24 hours with these boots, although I absolutely love them, it is not wise for a heels noob like me to keep them. Plus, the path from my house to the bus stop is not heels friendly at all so the coward in me returned it :S. 
Since they are on sale and not refundable I exchanged them for a pair of sensible wedge boots.

By the way two days ago I received an email from nine west saying there's an extra 20% off sale items
If only I waited for another week to buy these shoes. Look at my life look at my choices.               

nine west =  



  1. Oh I love the black boots!!! :( that you returned them, though I do have the same problem thinking about heel heights now that I'm a mum lol. The ballet flats are super cute :)

    1. oh well i have to let it go :( I don't know what's gone up with me I don't usually buy expensive shoes.