Thursday, December 29, 2011

westfield marion trip

I went to Marion today.I didn’t intend on going shopping today but I wanted to help my friend to find a marc jacobs colourful striped dress look alike from either dotti or temt. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. 
So since I couldn’t find what my friend wanted, I went to shop for myself ;).  
I went into temt, dotti, valleygirl and sportsgirl but didn’t find anything nice. So I went to Cotton On since all their sale stock are under 10 dollars.
Wardrobe update!
I got a “chevron” shift dress in black & white for 10 dollars, original price 39.95 dollars.
“India” oversize tee in black & white for 10 dollars, original price 19.95 dollars
“Fleck” loose blouse in black for 19.95 dollars, original price 24.95 dollars. This blouse surprised me at the counter because I stupidly assumed this was 10 dollars without reading the price tag. I like the top very much though as it is chiffon.
Since the blouse is quite sheer, I got this “hi-low” top in black for layering. It’s 5 dollars, original price 19.95 dollars.
I am quite affected by the atmosphere when making purchases. I went into the cotton on store in the city for quite a lot of times but never bothered to take a closer look at all the clothes. This Cotton On store in westfield marion has a nicer interior design and that made me want to stay in the store longer. I am in a monotone mood as I watched Tokio Hotel TV yesterday night and in the episode Bill was wearing all black as usual. I haven’t worn black in quite a long period already and Bill’s outfits revived my old flame for black again. I originally intended to buy colours. This will be the last time I shop until my birthday in June. I already have too many clothes in my closet and will opt for loosing more weight instead of buying more clothes so I can look good in what I already have. I wanted to get this hat from dotti but they don’t have it :(. I’ll check the city next week I suppose. Oh wait! Tomorrow will be good too :)! Ole!


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