Friday, December 23, 2011

Inspired by Coldplay

These were written around a year ago. I was listening to Coldplay's songs when I wrote them. I should get back to writing and composing, haven't done so for so long. I hope there's not too many grammatical mistakes.

I suppose
Tomorrow will not be a repitition.
I will never say anything nice again.
How can I?
For the sake of just pleasing you?
No, not favourable.
Trying to inhale all the printed words.
A pile of structured blacks on piece of white.
I'm trying to see what it's all about.
To be honest.
To tell you how I feel.
An embarrassment I would say.
Thank god I'm not as vocal as some.
When it comes to this.

I will rave about nothing.
The years about to come seem interesting.
See how you'd feel
In the future
When I'm being who I am
Instead of a shadow.
See how would you feel
When you realize I am different from what you think
I was this nothingness.
Was not am.
I am me.
What do you expect?
In the backwards
I'm still the same person
Only on a different level.
See how you would feel by then.

Hello you are a rock.
I came here to talk.
But when I see you I couldn't make a sound..
I hope you understand.
I guess you understand.
Cause you talked to me with smiles and all that.
I must say I didn't expect you to be this nice.
You are a rock.
You stand as still as a rock.
I am green.
Anyone who tries to deny you.
Don't be afraid.
I came here with a purpose.
But I'll always forget when I see you.
You are a rock.
And I am green.
I hope you know.
I have a feeling you do.
Cause you talked to me with those smiles.

I begin to look upon the shoulders.
When the snow above the roof starts spilling down on me.
Now it spills down, rolls and runs down the hill.
Don't say you love me.
But you'll never say it will you?
It's just a part of my imagination.
A bitch at heart.
When the wind blows down the creek.
Don't say you love me.
For you will never say it.
My imagination.
Ironically again.
But if you loathe me.
Won't you let me know.
I'm no superhuman.
I don't read minds.
So if you loathe me.
Won't you let me know.

Blue butter spreading across the day.
Don't follow the psychoness of the wind.
For it is intolerable for a human to be immortal.
Pink earth is not desirable.
Don't follow the psychoness of the colour.
Jelly bouncing in the house.
Roman myths crawling in the sanctuary.
Veterans blurring wistfulness of the unknown
Anon. Anon.
Stop calculating the probability of the psychoness.
Smokes are floating around.
Time doesn't care.
Don't try to figure out the words spoken.
Some are just as unbelievable as what they say.
They won't lie.
No. They'll just talk.
On her own is herself.
"I don't want to die"


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